Thursday, June 21, 2012

Video analysis: the abduction of Deimante

How the girl was abused during abduction and in the car: she faints from the drugs (ab. 8:25), lawyer keeps his hand on her leg (12:25). And we keep asking ourselves whether G. Cerniauskas has another motive, much stronger than money - to cover up the abuse of Deimante and many other children in Lithuania.

And we wonder what a serious investigation might reveal. What we - who do not speak Lithuanian - can observe is that the boundary that naturally exists between a child and an adult, the natural instinct to nurture and protect in him is entirely missing: he can drug her, abuse her, film her and have fun with the girl and that seems natural to him. He acts as a psychopath, who does not understand what he is causing to his victim. He acts as a killer - he is killing this girl's soul in cold blood, enjoying himself.

We find this video extremely disturbing. It is contrary to anything we consider 'normal', but we do not expect "normal behaviour" from the "mother's team". 

The sadness and tragedy of this video is overwhelming. It shows a broken innocent child, knowing that she is going to her own death, and her abusers joking and having fun with her, and the girl is trying to cheer up, to survive.

G. Cerniauskas has the nerve to take pictures of himself with his victim shortly after he has abducted her from her safe home, coming close to her, as if it is his own daughter. (He said that he practiced the abduction of Deimante on his own son together with Laima, so imagine what he can do to other people's children.)

And we ask: can a normal person even imagine behaving like this with a child? Or have we lost any sense of what is 'normal' when we look at these people? 

We strongly suspect based on the evidence we have seen and his behaviour that he not only works for the pedophiles, but that he could be one himself. But against overwhelming evidence against Laima (what could she tell if she is interrogated by a good lawyer?) all institutions of Lithuania have blocked an investigation, conspiring instead to put an innocent person in jail (Neringa Venckiene).

And we suspect that by destroying so many innocent lives, he is saving his own. 

We have experienced many (more or less corrupt) countries, but the level of perversion and corruption in Lithuania is in a class of its own: A regime that preys on children and covers up the abusers - we never thought that could be possible, not in Europe.


  1. A very good article, but please change one letter in the last sentence: should be 'a regime that preys on cildren' not 'prays'.

    I wish they rather prayed for their children though!

  2. 'preys' not 'prays', but please everyone who can - start praying about these children!