Monday, June 18, 2012

Documented: How Deimante was drugged and abducted by the police

Here are the pictures of the child 'specialists', who arrived at Deimante Kedyte's home to abduct her. She was 8 years old and to make her abduction easier these two women carried:

1. a red blanked soaked in psychotropic drugs, which was thrown over the girl's head. After the blanked was thrown over Deimante's head, her muscles relaxed (she was holding all she could to the neck of her aunt, Neringa Venckiene) and her monster-mother could take her away.

2. plastic gloves in order to avoid contact with the psychotropic agent.

You can see that the two women who carry the blanked and the gloves receive special protection from the police. The woman with the gloves even has bullet-proof vest on. Do you know their names? We want to publish them here and get them investigated.

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