Monday, June 18, 2012

Mounting Evidence: Violence against Deimante, a witness report

The following report from a witness proves what we said earlier: that L. Stankunaite and G. Cerniauskas had practiced a Special Service technique for taking away the girl by force

translation from Lithuanian, original article and photo can be found here,detalus/; Note: the man in the picture is the Prime Minister - A. Kubilius)
Special Forces tactic maneuvers were used while taking the girl by force from her home:
The courts that did not analyze the case and made inhuman decisions together with the police that used brutal force against peaceful people – they all have made a crime against humanity. There are many facts to prove this and one of them is the useof Specials Forces tactic maneuvers while carrying the girl from her home.

I was standing approximately 3 meters from the minivan and I could clearly see that when they were taking the screaming girl out of her home, G. Cerniauskas (Laima’s lawyer), while standing on the right, side was carrying the left leg and he was twisting it at a bit higher than the knee and pulling it closer to him, so that the girl could not kick him. If one would try this type of carrying, he would see that when one carries someone like - there is an extreme pressure on the spine causing severe pain and the person cannot move his legs while feeling as if he will fall backwards on the ground. That is the reason why the girl was grabbing onto Laima Stankunaite shoulders, and she could not move her hands and legs and experienced not only physical, but also psychological abuse from Cerniauskas and others who participated in the operation.

These actions were not spontaneous. Even in the Soviet Union army training we were taught how to remove a person from any location while showing as if the person is not fighting back. Someone who is carried in a similar position can only scream. Also, another fact proving that the actions were well planned is that the lawyer G. Cerniauskas appeared on E. Jakilaitis program on Lietuvos Rytas TV, and with a smile on his face was telling how they prepared to take the girl out of the house – he together with L. Stankunaite had practice d this move not only theoretically, but practically too – by carrying Cerniauskas son on the eve of 17 May. Therefore, it is almost clear that it’s not that G. Cerniauskas and L. Stankunaite thought of it themselves, but it looks like some specialist have trained them.

By Sigitas Martinavicius

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  1. Horror! Do all Lithuanian government representatives support the criminal?