Saturday, June 16, 2012

Neringa's Letter to the Lithuanian People: The heartbreaking truth

  • Dear All,

  • It has been already four years that you have been following the never-ending pedophilia case. There was so much of everything that it’s hard to mention it all: hundreds of my and my brother’s letters to the Parliament members, hundreds of complaints to the authorities responsible for judicial inquiries, a myriad of questionings and testimonies, and the book written over sleepless nights uncovering the pedophilia facts. The end and positive result are nowhere to be seen yet. So far the only obvious fact – everyone in power are protecting the accused of pedophilia Usas girlfriend, L. Stankunaite, who according to the Vilnius district court final and non-disputable 2009-10-06 court order had to be accused of participating in the criminal act and face trial. The little girl, who is a victim in a pedophilia case, has been taken away with brutal force – this little girl was fighting with all she had, she was begging for the intruders to leave and she was shouting at the top of her lungs for seven times that she does not want to live with her biological mother - she was not heard, she was not listened to, she was made into a thing. She became a victim again. This time she was victimized by the Republic of Lithuania.
  • On that ill-fated 17 May, people gathered around my parents’ house and covered themselves with Lithuanian national flag. You would think there is nothing more sacred. Nobody expected that our national flag will be disdained by the officers, but sadly, it was not only torn into pieces, it was also trampled with boots. With the same boots they also kicked people, dragged them through our yard, sprayed gas into their eyes, and used electroshock. They mocked and disdained everyone who gathered to protect a helpless child. All those people were crushed physically, but were still strong in their souls. They were true humans.
  • What is happening next? Well, next we see the same monstrous farce that is discrediting various institutions and the country itself. Stankunaite who cannot come to court and testify in pedophilia case because of some sort of “threats”, but she can go to restaurants for a showcase spectacles, who seems to be afraid to testify in public. Or maybe she is even afraid of herself.
  • Then – a supposed case against me. They say I have offended the honor of judges, but they do not see their faulty decision not to press charges to L. Stankunaite. They blame me for beating up a policeman, but they do not see that he has used forced against me and even injured me. They blame me for psychologically abusing the girl (note: they refer to the 17 May events, when the girl came to the window to tell bailiff to go away and also that Neringa allowed the girl to watch how they break into the house), but they do not see with what brutal physical force and against her will the little girl has been torn from my neck which she held onto so firmly.
  • Why they need this supposed case against me? The answer is very clear - because they want to crush me and silence me which they were unable to do until now. They need such case when I, who needs to be accused, am not “giving in” – I do not take bribes and I solve all the cases with precision even during the most dramatic events of my life, and I do it not worse than all those other judges that lead a normal life, that do not need to be in Vilnius one day, in Klaipeda the other, on the following day in Siauliai and Kedainiai…(note: there are various ongoing cases) They create such case against me because they want to break me and that is why I am forced to hear slander and false accusations every single day in media, and it’s even hard to say if there is anything that I have not heard about myself really. While witnessing and living through all this, I realized one simple thing – those who fight for the truth, follow in its footsteps, they need to be ready for anything and everything. They need to be ready to survive it all, even if it is one hundred times more than one can bear. And then continue on their way.
  • They need this supposed case against me so that they can misguide and confuse Lithuanian people and distract them from the search of the real criminals. Because now they found that “guilty” one – so now they can blame me for anything they want. Once they take off my immunity, they can charge me not only with what they talked about until now, but they can also blame me for organizing the murders, inventing the whole pedophilia story…It is very likely that Stankunaite will not even testify. And what about the girl? Until now it seems that her opinion does not matter and her testimonies are worth nothing, but they can become “real” if somebody like Cerniauskas (Stankunaite’s lawyer) or somebody similar to Vaicekauskiene (the bailiff) would force the child to testify again. Now you can see how many meanings this supposed case against me might have.
  • The case against me is needed, so that, by any chance, I would not decide to participate in the Parliament elections to which so many people will come to vote. They do not want to have a real force in power to start carrying out the real justice in the country. They do not want to have force that would recover people’s trust in their country, its institutions and the truth. They do not want that all the corrupt officials would be replaced by honest ones.
  • The case against me is needed to those many present day Parliament members that have lost the trust of those who elected them, the members who do not work for the benefit of our country, but who instead are drowning it, but are so eager to repeat it again and continue doing so for an indefinite period of time.
  • The case against me is needed so that if I or the members of “Drasos Kelias” party are elected to the Parliament, and if we would manage to get the case resolved and find the girl – there would be no one to return the child to. The guardian (I) – would be in jail, while the grandparents – are elderly people.
  • The case against me is needed so that all the officers and officials who used force and were involved in abducting the girl on both 23 March and 17 May would not end up in jail themselves.
  • The case against me is also needed for those colleagues of mine who were left offended after I, while fighting for the daughter of my brother, uncovered a major part of their faulty work and indifference, showed that they do not do their work properly (which is also reflected in the fact that in general 88% of Lithuanians do not trust in the country’s judicial system and courts). It has disturbed the peace of my colleagues, but is it mine or their fault?
  • The case against me is desperately needed for those dark powers that got rid of my brother and eight more people. I am not even sure if they do not have a ticket to the other side ready for me too for all my pursuit of truth.
  • But what I do plan to do willingly is to fight. Not only for the little girl I have lost, but also for all the other kids, who have suffered, who have been abused by pedophiles and also for all the Lithuanian people, who, being honest and hardworking, are forced to suffer and put up with injustice.
  • The fight ahead of us is going to be a really difficult, dramatic and uneven one. 
  • Sincerely,
  • Neringa Venckiene
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