Friday, June 8, 2012


PLEASE DONATE ! Her defense will be expensive and probably bring her economic ruin. We cannot allow this to happen!

We have never met Neringa Venckiene, we are not Lithuanians, do not speak Lithuanian, nor do we live in Lithuania. But her tragic story has touched us so deeply that we want to help this honest and brave woman in her struggle for justice.


To donate, please go to her own site:

Click on PARAMA to donate via PayPal.

We publish her bank account details again here:

LT42 7044 0600 0782 8988
Neringa VenckienÄ—
AB SEB bankas
Banko kodas 70440

She will need a lot of money for a long and expensive defense. The resources of the state of Lithuania are used against her to destroy her. The VSD (Lithuanian Secret Service) will try to cover up the abuse of children by claiming that the girl was abused at her house and they will do anything to put this innocent woman in jail. Also, to prevent Neringa Venckiene from going to politics and taking the power away from the pedophile clan.

Please donate! Please help Neringa!

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