Monday, June 11, 2012

Stalin 2.0: Lith Secret Service plan for Neringa's Show Trial


The Lithuanian Secret Service uses the methods of the NKVD / KGB / FSB to eliminate Neringa Venckiene and all others who fight for justice: It follows the exact plan of the Stalin's Show Trials.

The principle is to twist the story around so that the crimes are placed on the victim via propaganda and show trials, false witnesses and "confessions" obtained through torture.

In the case of Neringa Venckiene all crimes committed by the pedophile clan: child abuse, manipulation, deception through media, brainwashing of victims, elimination of witnesses, murder, use of children for profit (trafficking) are placed on the innocent victim (Neringa Venckiene and those who help her) to eliminate her, while the criminals (Laima the mother and the pedophiles) get rewarded for their crimes.

Neringa is the next person to be eliminated, because her struggle for justice harms the criminals who hold power in Lithuania today.

The Show Trials Stalin Style is painfully familiar to everyone who has lived in Communism and have the following algorithm:

1. Create a story, a perverse world, in which victims and criminals swap places: the victims (Drasius Kedys, Neringa Venckiene, the peaceful protesters against corruption and child abuse) become the criminals (they are 'madding crowd' delusional and malicious), while the real criminals (Laima Stankunaite, the pedophiles and child molesters in Lithuanian government, business and politics) - pose as the victims that have to be compensated.

2. Organise a Show Trial, use a corrupt prosecutor, who clearly defends the criminals, replace honest judge (the judge who wanted to make Laima testify in court was poisoned today and will surely be removed because he asks too many questions) fabricate evidence, use false and corrupt witnesses to prove that the innocent people were the criminals.

3. Create a public "confession", in this case the testimony of abused and now drugged and traumatized Deimante (you can be sure they drug her and terrorise her every day to break her and make her 'testify' against the person she loves most - Neringa Venckiene)

4. Use lies and propaganda to fabricate Neringa Venckiene's guilt in all media and to prevent her from winning the elections (Laima Stankunaite's lawyer, the police, the bailiff, members of government and parliament have systematically lied and that is proven). Laima Stankunaite's lawyer has said that he will do anything to prove that the child was abused at Neringa's house. And given that he has no evidence of it, he has to fabricate it.

5. The criminals convict the innocent person, who fought to get justice - for their own crimes.

6. Scare the people so that they dont dare oppose the regime. 

The difference this time is that the Show Trial is watched by an international community, which cannot be brainwashed and scared like the people living in Lithuania. You can fool a closed society to believe in the pervert world, but you have no chance with those observing the trial from abroad. There is no place to hide, because a global network is investigating this case and  will soon expose the criminals.

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