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Lithuanian Government Destroys Innocent Lives: Who is Afraid of Neringa Venckiene Part Two

How the Lithuanian Government and the Lithuanian Secret Service Destroy Innocent Lives
A response to Edvardas Čiuldė,
(Note: We fight a much stronger enemy, an enemy who has the apparatus of a state, an enemy that is trained, organised, resourceful and motivated to destroy anyone, who fights for truth and justice – therefore we have the right to protect ourselves and be Anonymous)

The Battle to Save the Girl
Lithuania is shaken by the biggest paedophile scandal and the most brutal cover up operation Europe has ever seen, in which more than 9 people have already been murdered or disappeared and the lives of many more were destroyed. High-ranking politicians, judges, businessmen and police officials were (and still are) the abusers.
This article is an attempt to explain how one woman - Neringa Venckiene, and a little girl Deimante Kedyte, her niece and a victim of rape and abuse – became enemies of the state of Lithuania, and to look how the resources of that state, of all its institutions, are used for one goal – to destroy them.
I do not know Neringa Venckiene, and I do not live in Lithuania. I have researched this case independently, not in association with any media or institution. I tried several times to put this case away, to continue going about my daily business and forget about it. But I found it impossible to put away. I found the injustice done to Deimante Kedyte, her aunt Neringa Venckiene and her family impossible to bear. My motive to spend time on writing this article is that I - after having examined the facts and studied the case for some months and through various sources, including the girl’s testimony: – as a human being and as a European find this injustice impossible to bear: I do not speak Lithuanian, but the images can make anyone cry with anger: How can this happen in Europe today? How can a European country humiliate and abuse people, European citizens, especially vulnerable children and old people?
Here is how police treated protesters in front of the girl’s house, who stood there peacefully:
The girl was 3 years old, when powerful men (A. Usas, a businessman and a politician having his office in an orphanage; Jonas Furmanavičius, the judge of the Kaunas Regional Court, and Aidas Miezelis, a high ranking official at the Lithuanian Secret Service) began raping her in the apartment of her mother. There, her mother was selling her in the course of 2 years to them for 4,000 Euro per month. They raped the girl even on the day of her Christening.
Neringa Venckiene is the girl’s aunt, who tried to protect the girl from being returned to her abusers. After the girl’s father was kidnapped, kept in a bunker, tortured and murdered by the Secret Service of Lithuania (There is no other force in Lithuania both capable and motivated to do that and the bunker where Drasius Kedys was kept has been levelled to the ground in an attempt to destroy evidence), the aunt continued fighting to get justice. For this reason and because she is challenging the criminals in Lithuanian politics, Neringa Venckiene has been declared the enemy of the state of Lithuania. Her character is being assassinated in every media outlet in the country, and she has to endure many years of psychological terror.
Those, who hold the power in Lithuania today, the criminals, are afraid of her, because the injustice done to her has sparked a large social movement, which can become a political force and take the power away from them.

A Summary of Events
A little girl Deimante Kedyte was between the age of 3 to 5 prostituted by her own mother to paedophiles, while she was in her custody. The mother Laima Stankunaite made thousands of Euro per month selling her own daughter to Lithuanian politicians, judges, and businessmen. She lived on the money her daughter generated and until present this has been her main source of income. The girl (now aged 8) was forcefully restored to her on the 17th of May 2012.
The struggle for justice began four years ago when the girl told her father, Drasuis Kedys, about the abuse, and he believed that the courts could help him defend his daughter. But the paedophile clan had long subdued the courts, the Parliament and the government (see here: He tried to initiate an investigation of the paedophiles his daughter said abused her in her mother’s flat, at hotels and motels, and forced her to perform sexual intercourse “everywhere” since the age of 3. But even though the evidence was overwhelming, and while the girl was subjected to several psychological and medical tests, which all confirmed she was telling the truth, none of the suspects she mentioned were ever investigated. On the contrary, her father and three witnesses were murdered, and the girl passed into her aunt’s custody.
In January 2012, the court decided that the girl should live with her mother, who has no stable place of residence, no education, no job and who is a crime suspect. Thus, the victim was forced to live with the perpetrator, against her will. The mother – and now the girl too – lives under the constant protection of two masked bodyguards from the Secret Police. The source of the mother Laimute Stanuknaite’s income has been unclear for years as is unclear how she can afford the most expensive lawyer in the country, who costs 200 Euro per hour if she has never had a job.
During the custody battle, the girl wrote to the court and stated that she does not want to live with the mother, that she wants to stay with her aunt Neringa ‘forever’, because “she is good to me”. Yet the court completely dismissed the girl’s will and after one unsuccessful attempt to enforce the police order and remove her from her home on March 23, 2012 (what happened, see here: On May 17th police and Special Forces stormed of 240 stormed her home, Childs Rights representatives exerted psychological terror on her, drugged her (a blanked with a psychotropic agent was thrown over her head after which her muscles relaxed and she could be pulled away) and then the mother Laima Stankunaite and her lawyer pulled the girl violently from the neck of her aunt. The girl screamed and fought desperately for her life (evidence see here: Her mother, Laima Stankunaite, wearing a bullet proof vest, and the mother’s lawyer carried, stone-faced, the screaming and terrified girl away into the waiting van (see here:, while Special Forces and police beat and carried away protesters. 39 people who protested the girl’s kidnapping by force and her horrifying and inhumane treatment, were detained. People, who went to protest in front of the Presidential palace against the brutal treatment of the girl, will soon face prosecution too.

How the Lithuanian Government Rapes the Girl

The girl is constantly attacked by state institutions, including her being kidnapped on the way from kindergarten and drugging her at a mental institution for a week. Why has Neringa Venckiene, and not the people who caused this girl so much trauma, why has she become a target of an unprecedented campaign of terror and hatred through media, courts, police and politicians? A campaign so overwhelming that it is grotesque, a campaign, which is becoming the biggest scandal in Europe today?
The Lithuanian government, President Dalia Grybauskaite, courts and police through action and inaction have raped the girl (and many other children) over and over again, they broke her will, terrorised her psychologically, drugged her (she was kidnapped on way from school and drugged in a hospital for a week), abused her and dumped her to her mother in a witness protection program. At present Deimante lives practically as a prisoner: in complete isolation, she receives no education, sees none, has no friends or people, who care for her. Her life is with two armed police security men and an abusive mother.

The Destruction of the Aunt Neringa Venckiene
In the course of four years Lithuanian media and especially main news platforms such as and have launched a massive attack of psychological terror against Neringa Venckiene. Daily, the media conducts a coordinated and massive psycho-terror, deception and manipulation of Lithuanian public to destroy an innocent woman fighting for justice.
How can ordinary people become a target of such an unprecedented and massive government attack? Attack by police and Special Forces? How can an ordinary woman, a judge, a mother, and a good citizen, respected by the community, her neighbours, a woman who has done nothing wrong or illegal, but to protect a child that clings on her neck and asks for protection, the child of her murdered brother – how can this woman be doing something wrong? 
The battle to get the girl back is uneven, because at the core of the pedophile scandal is a system, which was built in Soviet times and which has persisted after the fall of Communism: the total control of the Lithuanian state by the Secret Police. And just as in Putin’s Russia the KGB/FSB is the only organised force to take total control of the country, in Lithuania the Secret and Intelligence Service still uses the same methods it used in Communism (psycho-terror, propaganda and deception, fear and show-trials, character assassinations through media, war on ordinary citizens who want to know the truth), has the same disdain for the weak and vulnerable, and the same disrespect for human life as in FSB-land Russia. 
Lithuania is still in many levels totalitarian state. The media is controlled, and so are the courts, so are the police, special forces, and politicians have become ‘partners in crime’: abusing together and covering each other. And those, who try to oppose are immediately destroyed, often by using a favourite method from the KGB – punitive psychiatry.
And if someone, hypothetically, a very powerful individual can draw into the circle of paedophiles, high-ranking officials in each of the state institutions, politicians in the government, business and the media, he practically owns the state.
Evidence is systematically destroyed, and witnesses who try to speak up – removed. To use the momentum, the leaders of the new political movement in Lithuania must open it to the world, must use as much publicity as possible, because this is their insurance and defence against the perpetrators who rule the Lithuanian people today.
Thus, until now there has been no force strong enough to give back the power to the people. But the public outrage at the abuse of the girl and the war against Neringa Venckiene, her aunt, has sparked a new social movement, the Way of Courage. And this is why the Secret Service of Lithuania, their front men in business, and the government of Lithuania and the institutions are afraid of and want to destroy this honest and brave woman: Because this movement born out of desire for truth and justice could be their end and the beginning of true democracy in Lithuania.
And this is why they will do anything to destroy her.
The Show Trial of Neringa Venckiene: Stalin 2.0
At the moment, the parliament is advising on removing the aunt Neringa Venckiene’s immunity as a judge on fake charges so that she too can be prosecuted and destroyed professionally, personally, and economically. The criminals in government, courts and parliament, and the general prosecutor plan to put an innocent person in jail for 5 years to remove her as a political opponent and block the democratic revival in Lithuania. Criminals and victims will once again swap places like in the days of Stalin. Will the criminals again stay in power, while the innocent people rot in jail?
If you watch the video again:, the aggression comes from one side only: police, bailiff, mother and her lawyer trying to tear the girl away from the neck of her aunt. Neringa Venckiene tries to defend the girl, who screams that it does not want to go to “live with Laima”, and asks them to ‘leave my home’.
How could such a woman become an enemy of the state and be subjected to long and systematic psychological terror?
The main reasons why high officials want her removed are two: first, she is pushing for investigation of the paedophile case, in which case the evidence has been systematically destroyed (murders of witnesses, destruction of material, massive media campaign for deception and disinformation of the public, and threats of legal destruction of anyone who dares speak about it publicly) and second, the political dangers that this new movement against corruption presents for those who hold power in Lithuania today, for the threat it poses to the government, to the governing parties, their people in the state institutions (courts, police etc), and their business friends.
She sets an example of bravery that can spark Lithuanians to seek to change the political system by removing those in power. People can be inspired to believe that they can resist the state – and win. From the president down to the last bureaucrat, the current power elite is afraid of that. They are afraid that Lithuanians may begin to believe they can win, they can be free. And this is why Neringa Venckiene, just like the little girl Deimante Kedyte – is targeted for destruction with a force so great to scare everyone in Lithuania who even thinks to oppose the government and the corrupted judiciary.
The raped girl has become a symbol of Lithuania. We can see her vulnerable body torn away from the place she wants to be, her future taken away from her as she is carried screaming out into the waiting van. We can see her mother and her lawyer holding opposite legs, her head is unsupported and so she has to clutch her ‘mother’ as she screams in horror. We can see that her mother and her lawyer have practiced the technique for carrying her away by force. And we can also see the police arresting vulnerable people, beating them and carrying them away, barefoot.
But if the people fight, they will win, because the fierce government attack on Neringa Venckiene and the new movement shows that we are dealing with a desperate enemy who knows that this is the end. The government of Lithuania is desperate and will fight with the full force of state propaganda and terror. The media tries to reduce the importance of the new political movement, because those who hold power in Lithuania today know that they will loose the coming elections. And they made a huge mistake, and will make more mistakes in the public Show Trial of Neringa Venckiene.
They try to say that protests around the country and around the world are small and insignificant. They trust that the old inertia and apathy will never be overcome. But they are wrong. This time, there is no way back. Their fear means that Lithuanian people will win.

Note to Edvardas Čiuldė: We will not comment on your intellectual abilities, which are rather minimal. We will not ask who paid you to write this article. And we will not ask Edvardas Čiuldė if he is a pedophile himself. Judging by the way he has written this deceptive article we know that he will never tell us the truth. He has written the article with the clear intention to defend pedophiles and criminals and destroy an innocent person (Neringa Venckiene). 

Edvardas Čiuldė, Violeta Davoliute and Liudas Dapkus are liars. Their job is to deceive and manipulate and to prepare the way for the destruction of innocent lives in order to keep the criminals in power.

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