Sunday, June 3, 2012

Drasius Kedys' last thought before they killed him:

Deimante. Who will protect my little girl now?

The VSD's thugs for hire (Lithuanian Secret Service) abducted Drasius, they kept him in a bunker and tortured him. He knew he was going to die, and they told him what they will do to his little girl once he was gone.

And his last thought before they killed him was about Deimante: Who will protect my little girl now?

We are so sorry that we could not keep her safe, Drasius. The pedophile clan in the government, police, and the Secret Service (VSD) took her away, and Aidas Miezelis is still out there saving his skin. The pedophile clan and their servants now are destroying Neringa Venckiene, removing her from society with a show-trial, just like in the old days of the KGB. The VSD and the government are threatening protesters, silencing journalists, manipulating and lying to stay in power.

We keep on fighting, Drasius. And we will never stop.

Drasius Kedys' grave today, on Father's Day:

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