Friday, June 8, 2012

Deimante's Abuse: How can Lithuanian government get away with this?

This is a video summary of the traumatic events around the abduction of Deimante, a 8 year old girl sold by her own mother to a powerful paedophile clan in Lithuania.

The president Dalia Grybauskaite did NOTHING to save this girl from the pedophiles in her government administration and in the VSD. Look at her tired face and stiff expression as she reads the text behind the camera: Does she look like someone who truly care for her country? She is just a robot and scared for her re-election next year. She does not dare oppose the degenerates in her own party, nor to fight corruption.
All she does is protecting the criminals and ask for their support. Is this the kind of person you want as a head of state??

Listen to the girl's screams! She knows her life and her future are taken away from her. She is fighting for her life. She screams that she does not want to go and asks the perpetrators to leave her home.

 But they prevailed - with 250 strong police and Special Forces they abducted her. We do not know where she is. What we know is that the little happy girl, who wanted to stay "forever" with her aunt Neringa, because "she is god to me" is now kept in complete isolation, guarded by armed guards 24/7, receives no education, has no friends, nothing. Her father Drasuis Kedys was murdered for trying to defend her from the pedophiles who raped her, and her aunt Neringa Venckiene is going to jail for trying to protect the little girl from her abusers. Yet the mother, Laima Stankunaite, who sold her little girl to perverts and degenerates for 4 000 Euro/month, and who often joined them in bed is free and living under government protection.

None has seen Deimante since they abducted her, but we can imagine that she is in a very bad mental state, suffering from isolation, lack of stimulation, is probably drugged and abused. She lives in prison-like conditions and her abusers are out there - free and powerful.

How can Lithuanian government get away with this?

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