Monday, June 18, 2012

Committe will vote FOR removing Neringa's Immunity

(Translation of “Laisvas Laikrastis” article; the original and pictures can be found here,detalus/)
The Parliament Committee will vote FOR the removal of Neringa Venckiene immunity
Tomorrow there will be another session of the Parliament Committee regarding N. Venckiene’s immunity removal question, and Laisvas Laikrastis sources say that it has been already decided to vote “FOR” removal. The Committee received a formal reply from the Prosecutor General that they WILL NOT show the videos of how the girl was taken on 17th May, justifying it with something that became almost like a curse – “it’s the pretrial investigation material”. 
The Committee members that will vote FOR the immunity removal will be: Jurkevicius, Stirblyte, Sedbaras, Sabatauskas, Juozapaitis, Rucys and Kuodyte (note: 7 out of 12). Therefore the Committee will offer a resolution to all the Parliament members to remove N. Venckiene immunity WITHOUT any supporting material, even though it was formally requested by all members of the Committee
In the meantime, new details are coming to the surface:  it is very likely that psychotropic drugs might have been used against D. Kedys daughter - in the pictures one can see how the “child rights specialists” are carrying a red bag to N. Venckienes house in which there is a blanket, and that same blanket has been thrown on girl’s head, she became dizzy and could not fight back. 
By committee voting, with the majority of votes, the following requests for a PROPER investigation have been DENIED: invite the prosecutor general, semiotics experts, the policeman (sambo wrestling world competition 2nd place winner, who was twisting Neringa’s arms), the police general, doctor Bloznelyte, check the Lithuanian National TV reports from the archive for the comparison if the prosecutors used the whole text and the context with their accusations for insulting the honor of judges. The Committee member Naglis Puteikis said that it is obvious that the Committee is avoiding facts and proofs at all costs and the members that are constantly doing that are: Jurkevicius (head of the Committee), Stirblyte, Sedbaras, Sabatauskas, Juozapaitis ir Kuodyte. He continued saying that when there is an even number of votes - the decisive vote is that of Jurkevicius, who ALWAYS votes AGAINST the clarity and AGAINST the requests for the Committee to get as much information as possible. 
In the last Committee meeting J. Sabatauskas was asking Neringa Venckiene, what legal acts did she violate which provoked a conflict with the Head of the Highest Court, G. Kryzevicius. Neringa answered:  “since you have not asked EVEN ONE questions that relates to the supposed crimes I have done - it is clear that you already think that I am guilty. We gathered here not to talk about G. Kryzdevicius or his behavior and actions. In regards to him, I can only say that after the investigations are finished, the cases will go to court which are at the moment under his supervision. I want to ask Mr. Sabatauskas – don’t you have any questions related to the 5 things I am accused off, that are written in D. Valys (the prosecutor general) document? Because you have not asked even one question that relates to what we have gathered here for.”
In last Committee meeting Neringa said: “when the bailiff Vaicekauskiene and two child rights representatives came in, there were also around 30 policemen in the room. The bailiff introduced herself and ordered to everyone to be removed from the room except for the girl and me. I want to stress that NO ONE from the relatives that were in the room was doing anything, but still, both of my parents were dragged out of their own house. Then I said, that according to the court decision – force against the girl is not allowed. After that I saw that all the video cameras in our house have been turned off,  the table in front of me has been removed and that Stankunaite with her lawyer Cerniauskas are coming in. Stankunaite grabbed the girl and at the same time that blanket was thrown on the girls head. I hugged the girl, then they twisted my arms and by force took her away.
The Committee member Dalia Kuodyte has asked why N. Venckiene thinks that the members voting regarding her immunity are also deciding on their fate, N. Venckiene replied: “I am almost certain that you will not be in the Parliament after the elections in autumn, because you have disappointed your voters, and I also see that same as Sabatauskas, you do not have even one questions related to what I am accused of. I am accused of 5 criminal acts, one supposedly done on November 14, 2010 and the rest related to the court decision regarding the returning of the girl. However, when they were brutally taking the girl, they made videos that are the best sources and proofs, WHO was making CRIMINAL ACTS. You just needed to see them and all would have been clear.

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