Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Deimante's Self-Interview (while in Neringa's house)

Deimante in her own words:
In this short video Deimante recorded while still in Neringa's house, the girl pretends that she is interviewed by a TV presenter. She says that Laima (her mother) hurt her in the 23th March attempt to abduct her, then wrote her a letter, and Deimante says she does not want to even see Laima. Never.

Hello, this is a program about... I would like to tell you about a girl. She is exactly 8 years old right now. We would like.. her.. well we cannot ask her now. But we would really like to ask her. But we cant. Therefore I will tell everything for her... cause we questioned her about it & obviously I will tell you. Ok, lets continue. She is 8 years old & they wanted to abduct her, but for some reason they didn't succeed. It just happened like that. But the girl had injuries on the neck and stomach. She was very injured... by the way... Ms Laima Stankunaite wrote to her daughter and the daughter wrote back completely badly... she wrote: I do not want to live with you... and that I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE WITH YOU. And you do not need to come anymore. And it is not worth to continue writing.

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