Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Neringa Venckiene: D. Valys the Prosecutor General Darius has made every effort for the mother to come out clean

  1. Neringa Venckiene: D. Valys the Prosecutor General Darius has made every effort for the mother to come out clean
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  5. Kaunas District Court judge Neringa Venkcienė, who lost the custody of her niece, is planning a trip to the parliament on Thursday. Immediately after the President’s  Grybauskaité annual report at 11 am,  the so-called "Venckienės commission” will have the first session.
  7. Although the Prosecutor General Darius Valys is waiting for a response if it will be allowed to prosecute Neringa Venckiene, firstly the so-called "Venckienės commission” is planning to analyze  how the operation of taking the girl was carried out.
  9. Neringa Venckiene claimed that Darius Valys address to the parliament is clear, as he allegedly allowed that the mother of a recognized victim, Laimutė Stankunaite, would come out clean from the so-called Kaunas pedophile case
  11. D. Valys addressed the parliament asking that the immunity of the Kaunas district judge could be removed so that they can press charges for several crimes. Neringa Venckiene herself is not too worried about the significance of those charges.
  13. "You do not see what is there (parliament - We have asked for justice and informed that the child  was raped by perverts, my brother was killed, and now I will be punished? Is this the ending? – the woman was asking. - What crimes have I committed, what it's there, has he (D. Valys) fallen from a tree? He had every opportunity to press charges to L. Stankūnaitei  and carry out the Vilnius Regional Court ruling dated  6 October2009,  which states that L. Stankūnaitė is A. Uso accomplice. But D. Valys  has made every effort to let L. Stankūnaitė to come out clean, and now even the girl is returned to her. I am just so sorry for the girl, and those degenerates, well  you know each has his own fate. Everyone will get what they deserve. "
  15. In the court order of the Vilnius Regional Court mentioned by N. Venckiene, that dealt with Kedys complaints, has made a final order of repeal of Kaunas City District Court ruling on refusal to initiate an investigation regarding L. Stankūnaite. Vilnius District Prosecutor's Office had to answer f the mother has made any criminal act, but the prosecutors reviewing the file did not press any charges to Laimute Stankunaite.
  17. report that D. Valys asks the Parliament to remove N. Venckienės immunity on the basis that she opposed Kedainiai District Court ruling to return the girl (my note: that she never said will not stick to court decision, but court decision said that no force can be used against the girl, so Neringa simply said that the girl does not want to go, therefore she will never lie, trick her into leaving or even forcefully take her out). The Parliament needs to give their answer to D. Valys by 8th June.

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