Saturday, June 2, 2012

Message to the Lithuanian government: Game Over!

Dont you see that the game is over for you? Dont you realise that there is no way back this time? You cannot stop what you have started. You cannot reverse it. This is your end. But we think you realise this and this is why you are afraid.
("You" here means ONLY the corrupt members of the government, and their friends in the Security Service, police, judiciary, business, media and state institutions, which we cannot name here.)

You have tried to divide the Lithuanian society, to brainwash the people that corruption is 'imaginary', that the people protesting against corruption and child abuse are "delusional" and 'malicious', a 'madding crowd'. But it has backfired.

You censor the media, you threaten and you lie. But you must know that whatever you do in the future will only fuel the anger and rage against you. Until you fall. And that is inevitable.

The Lithuanian society is uniting against you, people are cleverer than you thought, they can see through the lies and deceptions. They have united and risen faster more decisively than you had expected. You thought they are sheep, who will swallow the propaganda, be scared with prosecution and threatened into staying home. So you can continue with your corruption, child abuse, the abuse of power and the other businesses you trade in on the side - you know what we are talking about.

Yes, you think you can. We know what you think: you think you are impossible to defeat, because you own the state, your people hold power in every area of the state, powerful (corrupt) people who depend on each other to survive - and the support of the CIA. Without the support of the CIA and the American government, you will be nothing. You will instantly fall.

CIA has often supported losers in the past.  Maybe it is time to change sides?

Maybe it is time for the Americans to find someone else to support? Because you are finished. And everything you do will lead to that end.  Every step to take: to suppress protesters, to eliminate Neringa, to punish people, to censure, threaten etc. Nothing can help you. You know that. It is plain and clear to see. If you dont see it, you are trully delusional.

It is over.

You think you can cover up the abuse of small children - and get away with it?
You think you can corrupt the judiciary, lie, cover up murders and abuse, put honest people in jail and get away with it?
You think you can deceive and manipulate the population with the media you control - and just go on?
You think you can destroy anyone who dares to oppose you - and just go on?
You think you can divide Lithuanian society, prosecute peaceful demonstrators, destroy innocent lives - and just move on?
You think you can silence anyone anywhere, scare people from expressing their opinions, remove and delete - just because you have sold yourself to the Americans, like a whore? 

Your problem is that CIA will not support losers and suffer an embarrassment - yet again. And it is time for the Americans to find a winner to support. Because this time the line is crossed, the current political system cannot be sustained. And the more you push it, the sooner you will collapse. And the collapse will bury all of you. You cannot stay in power.

Our advice and personal opinion as non-partial observers: leave the ship and run.

And for the supporters: put yourself on the right side of history.

This is the end.

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