Monday, June 18, 2012

G. Cerniauskas: A Sociopath, Moderately Dangerous

We want to say what every normal person thinks: G. Cerniauskas, L. Stankunaite's lawyer has exhibited all behaviors of a dangerous sociopath. What he has done and said proves that he has a serious personality defect:

1. G. Cerniauskas has lied and continues to lie to the public (first he said the girl was "doing great", then that she will testify "when she gets better": better from what, if she is doing great, Mr. G. Cerniauskas? (and many more examples which we are too bored to list here. G. Cerniauskas has no problems lying to everyone about everything as long as it gets him results. This is why he is the prime lawyer for all powerful (we will not say criminals, but we are thinking it) in Lithuania.

2. He can hurt and exploit an innocent child, he can brutalise a little girl, tear her away from her safe home and use and abuse her as a "witness" to put an innocent person in jail.

3. Yes, in fact G. Cerniauskas has no problem putting innocent people in jail - this is what he is paid for in this huge cover up led by the Security Service of Lithuania.

4. He smiles when he talks about how he abused Deimante (he said that he practiced the technique for carrying her away by force the night before he and Laima S. abducted the girl with 240 police and special forces). He can abuse a girl, and then chat with her, touch her and film her in the car as if this is the most natural thing to do, minutes after he had torn her away from the arms of the person she loves most. Well, it is natural TO HIM.

5. G. Cerniauskas has no feelings for people, no compassion: he treats them as things, and this he has shown in the way he has treated the girl and her protector, Neringa Venckiene. He has no remorse, no doubts, no compassion, he smiles and lies and conspires to put an innocent person in jail.

6. G. Cerniauskas is moderately intelligent. He knows very well that Laima Stankunaite sold her daughter to pedophiles, he knows she is a child abuser, a pimp, he knows the dirty secrets of the pedophile clan, he knows a lot. (We even suspect he knows who ordered the murder of Drasius Kedys, and 8 other people, but we have no proof of this. All things that have happened until now point in the direction that he knows.) And he puts his intelligence in service of the corrupt and powerful against the weak and innocent. He cannot do it otherwise, it is what comes natural for him. He despises the weak and worships the powerful. And by defending the perpetrators against the victims and fighting to put an innocent person in jail, he has made himself one of them. And he knows it

Besides (its our personal opinion): he looks like a killer. Look at his face, look in his eyes: can you see anything human in them, any compassion, tenderness, any emotion at all? He has a killer mentality: he will destroy anyone who comes on his way, and that is open for everyone to see. A man without moral boundaries, a man who would do anything to win.

And why is he dangerous?
1. because of his intelligence (and his intelligence is limited, one-sided, myopic, he does not see the bigger picture, does not understand complex interrelations, projecting them into the future. He is not visionary, nor has any imagination. But then again, he is a lawyer)

2. because of his personality defect we described; He relies primarily on brute force and is prepared to destroy anyone, even an innocent girl.

Why "moderately"?
3. because he serves those in power. If they are gone, he will be in jail too. Without them, he is nothing. And he knows that. We do not know what other motives he might have to represent a pedophile and a child abuser, Laima Stankunaite. And we do not know who pays him, since she comes from a poor family, has no money and has never had an income and his services cost Euro 200 / hour. Given the effort he has spent on this case - and it seems that no effort is too much - where does the money come from?

He knows that his own future is at stake if the pedophilia case is investigated for real. He knows that if the events of May the 17th are investigated, he himself will end up in jail. And we wonder what other motives he has - apart from money - to bring this cover up to the end. Could a serious investigation reveal him as a pedophile too? 

Because the whole operation was designed, trained and executed by the Special Forces. We have come to this conclusion based on our observation of his behavior and his ability to orchestrate the trial of Neringa Venckiene - also in the media. But what a serious investigation might reveal - perhaps he not only works for pedophiles, but is one himself and by abducting Deimante is saving his own skin.

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