Thursday, June 7, 2012

Neringa's court hearing 6 June 2012

Judge for yourself. What does the body language and the eyes of the mother Laima Stankunaite tell you: is the clean? Does she look like a normal human being or like a brainless robot?

For us it is incredible that such a honest, humble, brave woman like Neringa Venckiene can become an enemy of the state of Lithuania, and the mother, who sold her daughter and was certified liar (the best specialist in lie detectors in Lithuania tested her and she was proven to lie every time and her lies confirmed her daughter's testimony of rape and abuse)

And here we ask again:

Cover up the abuse of children by powerful politicians and men of the Secret Service; murder witnesses and those who fight for justice; put innocent people in jail and arrest and threaten those who want to know the truth,

How can the Government of Lithuania and the Secret Service VSD get away with this? Why is none in Brussels reacting? 

Because we are too silent! The bureaucrats in Brussels will do nothing until the Lithuanian people rise and demand justice!

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