Sunday, June 3, 2012

Attacking Neringa Venckiene, KGB style

How do you put an innocent person in jail? How do you destroy an honest person, who has committed no crime. Simple, 'active measures' KGB style:

1. you use a trained agent (Special Forces, Here are the pictures of him: to exploit an emotional moment (desperation) for the target (Neringa Venckiene),
2. attack when the target (Neringa Venckiene) is vulnerable,
3. push the target (Neringa Venckiene) to the limit to provoke a reaction,
4. put up a show trial with faked 'witnesses' and
5. Have a corrupted prosecutor and a judge fake evidence and lock her up in jail.

The policeman, who attacked Neringa Venckiene and provoked her to defend herself (a natural reaction) is a vice champion of Sambo (a Soviet combat training designed to kill with maximum efficiency), is twice her size and his wife works in the ministry of Justice.

Why do you think he was there? Why do you think he attacked her? 

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