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Translation Update: The Day Deimante Was Taken Away

Girl: I do not want!
(voices in the background)
Kedienė (the girl’s grandmother): stop pulling me, this is my house, I am not going anywhere.
(voices, breaking glass, falling objects on the ground)
Bailiff: Police officers are asked to remove the obstacles.
(The sound of earth falling objects.)
Girl: Go out of my house, [...] I do not want. [...] you are disgusting  ... Are you human or not? No!
(Noise, shouting.)
Venckienė (the girl’s aunt): Once again I repeat – don’t you dear to touch the child!
Girl: I do not want to go. [...] Shut up, you rot.
Bailiff: Please cooperate with  us to execute a legal court order: stand up and get the girl’s personal things ready ...
(Voices  in the background.)
Girl: No, no!
Venckienė: Well, [...], they are telling you to go to Laima. Do you want to go?
Girl: No, never!
Bailiff: I ask you, the guardian of the girl, help me to execute the legal court order.
(Noise and voices in the background.)
Venckienė: Don’t you dear to touch the child. Not even with a single finger. [...] Don’t even try.  I am not going anywhere,  I will not leave the child alone.
Bailiff: Please remove the obstacles.
Girl: No it’s you the policemen who must go!
Venckienė: You are not allowed to touch the child. Please say what do you want?
Bailiff: Take your hands off the child.
Venckienė: Well, I took them off. [...] I'm not touching the child. Please speak.
Girl: I do not want to live with her, why don’t you understand?!
Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl [...] sure there will be a day and then you will be able to decide what you want [...] there will be a time when you will be able to decide what you want and what you should do .. .
(Venckienė’s, the bailiff’s, the girl’s voices in the background.)

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl: That is not your fault of what is going on ...

Girl: But I ask you go away, well, I am begging  you to go away ...

(Girl’s voice in the background.)

Girl: [...] I want to go to my grandmother and grandfather .

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl, well they went out ...

Girl: Yeah right, they went out…they were dragged out, weren’t they?

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl, I am telling  you that you are not guilty of what is going on at the moment.  Everything that is happening here was caused by adults, grown up people who could not agree to hold a conversation. Children also often argue and make up friends again, and now adults can not find a common language and that is what is ...

Girl: [...] Go away!

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl it is not always as you want. And it is not always as I want it to be either. This is the reality, you know. We have come to help you, we do not want anything bad to you happening. [...] I worried a lot about you when I was standing there, [...] believe me, I wish the very best to you. I do not anything bad happening to you, and the fact that you are punching me is very normal…

Venckienė: Do you understand that children hate to be touched by the strangers [...] This is why I am asking you to stop touching and pulling her . It was said very clear – you are not allowed to use force against the child. [...] Please do not touch the child!

Rights of the Child Protection Service Representative: I am sorry, you must stop yelling [...] You have already said what you wanted, it is our turn to talk [...] Now we are talking. [...] Today is the day when you must leave this house. [...] Listen to me and do not interrupt me. There will be a day when you will be able to meet Neringa, the grandmother, the grandpa.

Girl: I want to live with them!

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl: Okay. When you grow up, you can come and live with them ...

Girl: This is what I want now!

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl: you are not allowed to do it now.

Girl: I can do whatever I want!

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl: There is only one choice - either you go out now, or  in one minute. There are no other options [...]. We understand you. We know that it might be difficult to you. We also find it difficult  and it is completely understandable. You can scream and cry and shout. This is completely normal. We understand it, you just have to decide today - whether you go now, or after one minute. It is very simple.

Girl: No, no, I will never go..

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl Come on, give me a hand. We will go to the door only…

Girl: No, I will not give, I will not give. I want to live in Neringa.

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl Give me a hand.

Girl: No, I will not give.

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl you will be able to meet Neringa and see each other, but today ...

Girl: I will not give you my hand, I am telling you I do not want [...] I do not want to live in Laima. Yes, I want to live with Neringa.

Rights of the Child Protection Service Spokesman: Bailiff, please can you introduce who this person is…
Bailiff: This is a psychologist. [...] Mrs. Venckiene, if you interfere with [...] I will ask the police officers ...

Venckienė: I want to know the name of this person…

Anstolė: That won’t give you anything – neither the name nor the surname. Please, if you're bothering ...

Venckienė: But you are a total stranger to us. [...] Tell me the first and the  last name.

Bailiff: Do not tell her the name, if necessary, I will send it to you. [...] You are bothering us. Do you understand that you are influencing the girl?

Venckienė: Why, because I asked for the name?

Bailiff: Because you are interfering. If you want to stay in this room with the child, please stop interfering.

(Girl’s voice in the background.)

Venckienė: So I do not have a right to know who this person is?

Bailiff: I have just told you that these people who came are the child's rights specialists and a psychologist.  Venckiene, please. I am now talking with police officers to remove ...

(In the background a woman asks the girl if she wants to say goodbye to Mrs Venckiene).

Girl: No, I am not going anywhere. [...] No, I am  not giving my hand to are a total stranger to me…

Female voice: Well, how can you say so? How many times we have met before ...

Girl: I do not care, I do not know you

Female voice: You have been seeing me for about two years now.

Girl: Leave me alone!

Female Voice: Give me your hand

Girl: No, go away from me!

Female voice: That is not your fault.

Girl: Leave me alone!

Venckienė: I'm helping the girl. [...] I am not going to force her if she does not want to go..

Bailiff: It was your responsibility to get the girl ready

(The noise.)

Venckienė: Stop pulling her! Nobody can pull the girl! Nobody has a right to pull the girl!

Female voice: Bailiff, please remove ...

(Girl’s voice in the background.)

Venckienė: You do not try to remove [...] you will get into trouble. Police officers, look, she is no pulling the child of me, she drags her by her hand!

Police Officer: Venckiene, please stop interfering with the procedure. [...] Your actions interfere with the execution of the court order…

Venckienė: But wait [...] she is dragging the child! It is not allowed to use force against the child!

The female voice to the girl, Ii am going to stand a little further and you ... I am stepping back, nobody is…
(Girl’s  voice in the background.)

The female voice to the girl: This is the day when you can not choose. The only choice you have got is whether  to go now or in a minute. There are no other options. There will be a day when you can choose what and how to do. Today is the day when the bailiff came and you have to stand up and. [...] Give me your hand.

Girl: I am not giving you my hand! I do not know you!

Female Voice: Well, we can get to know each other. OK? [...] We have seen each other more than once.

Girl: I do not want to make friends with you

Female voice: We are not making friends, I only will help you  to...

(Venckienė’s  voice in the background.)

Venckienė: What is she doing? She is touching the child, even though she is not allowed to do so. [...] Stop, she approached her and is now touching the child!

(In the background a female voice asks the police to "remove obstacles".)

Venckienė: I am not interfering!

(The sound of doors being opened, and a crowd of people chanting "Shame", screaming, the girl’s cry.)

Venckienė: What are doing in the presence of the child?!

(Screaming, the girl is screaming,  police officers are asking to stop illegal actions, warnings that in case of refusal to comply with officers’ orders rubber bullets and other measures will be used.)

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