Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lithuanians, GO TO THE STREETS!

This video shows how policemen carry away naked and barefoot and with her bare legs stretched apart and the blouse lifted - the girl's grandmother. The old and frail woman had not done anything to provoke this. She was sitting in her own home. She has heart problems and diabetes and they took her away without any insulin with her.

This is how Lithuanian police treats vulnerable people - carry, drag around, humiliate and degrade. To some it could bring back bad memories, when the police went into a home in the middle of the night, dragged and arrested the 'enemies of the people' right there in the pyjamas - to send them to the labour camps in Siberia.

The grandparents have been sitting peacefully in their own home, when the police broke in and stormed the house to drag them away. What was their crime? They wanted to save their raped granddaughter from being taken away by force, and against her will - by the same policemen.

For the Lithuanian government peaceful protesters are 'madding mob', 'worthless animals' that have to be dragged, humiliated and removed.

It is not Siberia this time, but the government and their dogs' disrespect for human life is just the same.

Lithuanians, if you cant be safe in your own home, go to the streets!

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