Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lithuanian Cover up versus Franklin cover up

The Lithuanian Cover Up and the Franklin cover up.
- a powerful network of politicians, businessmen, police, government, even the White House are "partners in crime" to abuse children in a nation-wide pedophile ring the US.
What about Lithuania: who are these people, who think they can have pedophile orgies and get away with this? We will know very soon.
- orgies with orphans? Check
- A network of powerful abusers rich from contraband and fraud: Drugs, prostitution, human trafficking. About Lithuania: we will know soon.
- Murdered witnesses, put in mental institutions or jail, material evidence destroyed, investigation blocked (main investigator killed), trial never took place;
- A massive media campaign of disinformation and deception.

Differences: in the 80 there was no Internet, no Facebook and Twitter. Now, there is nowhere to hide, government of Lithuania. You will be exposed for the whole world to see.

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