Monday, May 21, 2012

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Deimante, with eyes blurred out for legal reasons, is shown being carried away by her pimp mother while screaming to be let go.

She doesn't exactly seem happy now, does she? Imagine that you were in this situation. Your child being taken away from you and being handed to a pimp. Imagine the emotions you would feel; anger, sadness, depression, and a sense of injustice. 

Don't let the Lithuanian government get away with this. Spread the word, spread all media involved with this case. Let people see for themselves the atrocity that has been committed.

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  1. this the most precise and accurate blog I have ever seen, generally speaking.
    It is also extremely respectful to truth and reality; even if it is hard to believe things happened this way. Doctor's and child testimony are there, supported by all related documentation divided to easily navigate through. Information leads to the sad conclusion; facts don't need further explanation yet Lithouanian Justice apparently missed tracking them down. Otherwise, why Deimante was taken away from her safe home and to a secret place?