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Text: What Actually Went On In the House Before Deimante Was Taken Away

This is What Occurred as the Police Were Trying to Take Her Away

Excuse the poor translation

Girl: I do not want.

(Hear the voices in the background.)

Kedienė: Do not pull me to you, I will not go anywhere in your home.

(Hear the voices, breaking glass, falling objects on the ground sounds.)

Bailiff: Police officers are asked to remove obstacles.
(The sound of earth falling objects.)

Girl: Go out of my house, [...] I do not want. [...] Muck you ... You are not the people or the people? No!

(Noise, shouting.)
Venckienė: Once again I repeat - is not child abuse!

Girl: I do not want me to run. [...] Shut up, you rot.

Bailiff: Please help us to execute a legal decision: stand up and put things girls ...

(Votes in the background.)

Girl: No, no!

Venckienė: Well, [...], it now tells you to go to happiness. Go?

Girl: No, never!

Bailiff: Please help mentor for enforcement.

(Noise of voices in the background.)

Venckienė: Please, nor to a child's finger touching. [...] Even the attempt. I ask. I do not leave I will not leave the child alone.

Bailiff: Please remove the obstacles.

Girl: So you go, the police!

Venckienė: You can not touch the child. Please say what you want?

Bailiff: Pull the hand of a child.

Venckienė: Well, I'm away. [...] I'm not touching the child. Please speak.

Girl: I do not want to leave, how do you not understand?

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl [...] sure to be a day when you will be able to decide what you want [...] there will be times when you will be able to decide what you want and what you should do .. .
(Venckienės, a bailiff, the girls voices in the background.)

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl: You are innocent of what was going on ...

Girl: But then I ask you walk away, well, I am asking you walk away ...

(Girls voice in the background.)

Girl: [...] I want with my grandmother and dieduką.

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl, now they come out ...

Girl: Yeah, come out when they are dragged, a non?

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl, I tell you that you are about what is going on, you're not guilty. Everything that is happening here is the fact that the adult, large, people do not pay well, and agree to hold a conversation. Children are too often compromised and fell out, and now adults can not find a common language and 
that is what is ...

Girl: [...] Leave the car!

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl is not always as you want. Not always the way I want. That is, you know. We have come to help you, we do not want anything bad to you. [...] I'm standing there very worry about you, [...] you really do not want anything bad, believe you me. Nothing wrong with you, I do not want and that you mušiesi is very normal ...

Venckienė: Children do not like strangers when it is touched, you know? [...] This would not touch a child and netampyti. It is very clear - violence against children is not. [...] Please do not touch the child!

Rights of the Child Protection Service Representative: Sorry, nerėkaukit. [...] Now here we are talking, you have pakalbėjot. [...] Now we are talking. [...] Today is the day when you must leave this house. [...] Listen to interrupt. There will be a day when you will be able to meet with Neringa, the grandmother, with dieduku.

Girl: I want to live with them!

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl: Okay. When thou shalt be great, you can come and live with them ...

Girl: This is what I want now!

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl, not now.

Girl: I need it!

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl: There is only one choice - either you go out now, or for one minute. Other options are not [...]. We understand. We know that you can be difficult. We are too hard and it is completely understandable. You can scream and cry and scream. This is completely normal. We understood it, you just have to decide today - whether you go now, or after one minute. It is easy.

Girl: No, no, I never will not go.

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl Come on, give me a hand. We nueisim only to the door.

Girl: No, I will not give, I will not give. I want to live in Neringa.

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl Give.

Girl: No, I will not give.

Rights of the Child Protection Service spokeswoman girl with Neringa you can meet and socialize, but today ...

Girl: anything. I say that I do not want. [...] I do not want to live in Lima. Yes, I want to Neringa, I want to live with Neringa.

Rights of the Child Protection Service Spokesman: Trial, you can deliver what is here is ...

Bailiff: Here is a psychologist. [...] Mrs. Venckiene, if you interfere with [...] I ask the police officers ...

Venckienė: I want to know the name ...

Anstolė: You will not have nothing - no name or surname. Please, if you're bothering ...

Venckienė: You do stranger. [...] The first and last name.

Bailiff: Do not tell, if necessary, send you. [...] You are bothering. You understand that the influence girl?

Venckienė: When I asked her name?

Bailiff: fisted. If you want to be in a room with a child, please intervene.

(Girls voice in the background.)

Venckienė: That I can not know who came?

Bailiff: I told you that came to the child's rights specialists and a psychologist. Venckiene, please. I am now talking with 
police officers to remove ...
(In the background a woman asks the girl if she wants to say goodbye to Mr Venckiene).

Girl: No, I will not go anywhere. [...] No, I will not give you. I am familiar ...

Female voice: Well, as the unknown? How many times we have a while ...

Girl: I do not care, I am unfamiliar.

Female voice: You see me for almost two years.

Girl: Go from me!

Female Voice: Give rankelę.

Girl: No, go away from me on!

Female voice: You're not guilty of anything.

Girl: Go from me!

Venckienė: I'm helping a girl. [...] If she does not want, I do not drag.

Bailiff: You are the girl had prepared, it was your responsibility.


Venckienė: Netampykite! No one can draw a girl! They pull no one!

Female voice: Bailiff, please remove ...

(Girls voice in the background.)

Venckienė: You do not try to remove [...] will be a problem. Police officers, look, it is now straining the child, it takes the hand and dragged!

Police Officer: Venckiene, please impede performance. [...] You are undermined by its enforcement ...

Venckienė: This is a wait, [...] she pulls a child! It does not draw a right, not violence!

The female voice of the girl, I continue to stand up, and you are now ... I will go away, there is nothing to you ...

(Girls voice in the background.)

The female voice of the girl, is the day when today you can not choose. You can choose, or just now, or for one minute. Another option you do not currently have. The day will come when you will have the choice and you can decide what you want to do this and that and how. Today it is the bailiff, today is the day when you have to stand up and. [...] Give rankelę.

Girl: I will not give you! I am unfamiliar.

Female Voice: Well, we will. OK? [...] We have seen more than once.

Girl: I do not want to be your friends, for example.

Female voice: We are not on speaking terms, I only will help you ...

(Venckienės voice in the background.)

Venckienė: What does it do? Do not, and it affects the child arrived. [...] This is a wait, it comes and it psychologically affects!

(In the background a female voice asks the police to "remove obstacles".)

Venckienė: I am the way!

(There have doors for sound, and a crowd of people chanting "Shame", screaming, the girls cry.)

Venckienė: How do you treat a child?

(Screaming, the girls screaming in the background calls for police officers to stop the unlawful conduct, warning that refusal to comply with officers orders that will be used rubber bullets and other measures.)

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