Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Violeta Davoliute: You are a Liar!

The Truth
Response to the article by Violeta Davoliute
“Mob justice in Lithuania: who can stand up to the madding crowd?

This article is written with the clear intention to deceive and misinform the international community about this case and about the true (and tragic) corruption in Lithuania. Not only that, but it is also to prepare the way for the destruction of at least two lives: those of the girl and of her aunt. The girl was already taken away by force, and now it is turn for her confidant and guardian to be destroyed.
From the way she writes, it is clear that Violeta D. is skilled at manipulation, threatening and outright lying, and that her task was to prepare the world for the huge cover up operation that was conducted days later in order to kidnap the girl from her safe home and give her back to her abusive mother.
In general, the tone of the article is very unsettling because Violeta Davoliute uses the same terminology and way of speaking that the KGB and the Nazis used to dehumanise and demean their opponents: they are a mob of savages and non-humans, delusional and malicious that have to be removed to clear the the way to a better world (democracy). 

But why are Violeta Davoliute (and her bosses in the VSD) so disturbed by the protesters?
Lets examine each of her statement separately (citations in cursive):

1. Violeta Davoliute writes:
On Monday, Lithuanians face another anniversary; one more recent and much more relevant. On that day in 2010, the courts settled a long-running child custody battle, deciding that the six-year-old girl in question should live with her mother. Since then, however, the justice system has been unable to implement this decision. Instead, the girl continues to be held in the house of the father’s family, isolated from her mother and kept from going to school.

What is wrong here?
First, Violeta forgets to say that the girl does not want to live with her mother, she does not want to even see her: she says her mother is a monster and a liar. The fact that her mother sold her to pedophiles has been established in a several psychiatric tests that confirmed that the girl never lied. Her testimony was always detailed, consistent and coherent. On the contrary, her mother and the suspect Usas lied constantly.

Second, the girl is almost 9 years old, she is fully capable of thinking for herself. Here is a video to her testimony: http://youtu.be/m9AfOxLh7QY.  None who watch this video can deny that she has been abused. It is not possible to coach a little girl to describe sexual activities in such a detail and so consistently – if she has not experienced them herself. Also: her body language is sexualized, and so are her paintings. She tells the truth, time and time again, in every test she has undergone. While all the others she implicated: her mother and the men who abused her – were certified liars.

Third, Violeta Davoliute lies when she says that the girl lives in isolation. The girl did not want to go to school after the 'mother's team kidnapped her two years ago from Kindergarten and held in a psychiatric institution, where she was drugged for a week. After that her memory was incomplete. The ‘institutions’ planned to keep her drugged for 3 months and she only got out because her aunt interfered. No one in her family was informed that she will be taken away. Obviously, someone is very eager to delete this girl's memory. 

The girl has many friends and enjoys living in the house where she receives a private tutor. A teacher comes every day to teach her. Furthermore, after the attack she experienced on the 23. March, when the mother Laima Stankunaite, tried to take her away by force, she was suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder. 

The girl is traumatised every time she is confronted with her mother or her 'helpers'.

2. Violeta Davoliute writes
The house is surrounded by an organized and angry crowd of several hundred that has sustained a 24/7 vigil for months on end, determined to prevent the authorities from removing the child. The mob is apparently convinced that the mother has sold the child for sex and that she remains under the control of a powerful, global clan of paedophiles. The besieged house has become the centre of a sustained media frenzy and serves as the headquarters of a powerful populist movement.

What it means
Now that is a tactic that Violeta has learned (must have, how could she know it otherwise?) at the Secret Services training: she uses the same methods that KGB and the Nazis used to dehumanize their opponents: they are evil, unthinking, violent animals that must be eliminated so that Lithuania can become a civilized country. 

But why is Violeta so disturbed by the crowd consisting mostly of pensioners, students, artists and intelligent educated people? Violeta’s view and the view of those, who ordered her to write that article is that anyone who demonstrates and opposes those in power is an uncivilized animal that can be treated as such: humiliated and brutalized. For Violeta, civilized citizens should behave like in a totalitarian state: accept what the state gives them and shut up. By her logic, Lithuania is civilized only if its citizens tolerate injustice and give up the fight. That is the society she propagates, as demonstrated by the logical continuation of her statements. But the essence of democracy is to keep those in power in check: by going to the streets. So, logically, Violeta wants Lithuania to be a totalitarian state, unopposed and unchallenged by the ‘mob’.

We can see that Violeta and her bosses are anxious to cover up this scandal and prevent the new political movement from coming into power. We can picture them tremble with fear at what ideas can be born and what organisation can be created around this house. They probably have their informants there too.

And more, the quality of Violeta Davoliute's writing so bad I dont want to waste time analysing it. Violeta has bad command of language and concepts and she lacks any logic. Example: By definition, poor Violeta, the crowd is not 'organised'. When it is organised it stops being a 'crowd' and becomes something else, e.g. a political party. This is what you are afraid of, arent you. If the new political party comes into power you are going to loose your job, arent you, you little servant of the rich and powerful.  

You are so transparent, Violeta Davoliute, that it is boring to read. And your writing is so bad, I cant help feeling sorry for you. But then again, what smart person would work for the VSD, the Secret Service?

3. Violeta Davoliute writes
The protesters are apparently receiving open and active support from the nation’s highest officials, including the current President and a former head of state. Political pressure from above, combined with popular revolt from below, has effectively paralysed the work of government institutions responsible for implementing the court order.

Doublespeak: What it means

Aha, so you talked about the bottom, the garbage that 'maddening mob' and now you talk about the top, the 'populist politicians'. And where do you stand, Violeta? 

There are 17 000 unimplemented court orders in Lithuania. And of these 17 000 court orders that need to be implemented, this one is the most important? This one has to be implemented with police and special forces to remove a little girl from a house where she wants to be, where she is safe, loved and happy and give her to her mother against her will? She wants to live with her aunt, she wrote to the court that she wants to stay with her aunt “forever”.

Then, why use disproportionate and scandalous violence to remove her and give her to her mother if the girl is not in an obvious danger? It seems to me as an impartial (non-Lithuanian) observer that someone with a lot of power (and in Eastern Europe this is usually the Secret Service VSD, just like in Russia) wants to get control of the girl and remove her as a witness. Then, final stage of the clean-up begins: removing the stubborn aunt Neringa Venckiene.

(I am sorry, I am getting a bit bored here, I go over the rest fast as it hurts my brain to read so much garbage and I could write hundreds of pages of what this article reveals about those who wrote it. It reveals their full plan: kidnap the girl, convince the 'delusional" public it was all a fantasy, eliminate any witnesses, scare those who try to speak, put Venckiene in jail, kill the new political movement, win next election and stay in power forever. 
And around those steps - brainwash the public, threat them as stupid, misinform, threaten, deceive, murder if you have to etc. The VSD are so predictable)

4. Violeta Davoliute writes
The mother has filed a case with the European Court of Human Rights and is almost certain to win, according to Lithuania’s own representative to the court, Elvyra Baltutytė. But few expect the decision to change the reality on the ground, until somebody in authority gathers the courage to stand up to the mob. And with Parliamentary elections fast approaching, public courage is not likely to appear anytime soon.

Doublespeak: What it means

Now here Violeta Davoliute again presents anecdotal evidence (someone told her) as an ‘almost certain’ fact. First, the mother will win only if the girl is removed as a witness. If the girl is able to testify how the mother abused her, the mother will lose.
Therefore, the first step is to neutralize the girl. It is clear that Violeta’s goal is to prepare the international community that ‘someone with authority’, a strongman (Aidas), a powerful Secret Service man, a man who controls power structures like police and special forces (who else has real power in this country?) is planning use violence to get control of the girl. Violeta’s job here is to prepare the international community and the world that this will happen, that the use of force is justified and will be deployed against the “mob” of educated citizens in order to remove the girl from her home to enforce ‘democracy’.
Obviously, Aidas must be very scared.

5. Violeta Davoliute writes
The story began in a wealthy suburb of Kaunas, when Drąsius Kedys, a hard-nosed businessman with a passion for bodybuilding, launched a battle with his former partner Laima Stankūnaitė over custody of their daughter.
It was an uneven contest from the very start. Laima was not quite 16 when she embarked on a relationship with Drąsius, then 29. She came from a poor family with few connections; his family is rich and influential, including a sister who is a judge, a brother-in-law who is a former investigator from an organised crime unit and now a senior partner in a law firm, and a cousin married to an infamous criminal gang figure, to name but a few.

It does not make sense
If the family is so powerful, and the battle is so uneven, plus he already has custody, why does the father and his family need to invent a “pedophile story”? There are many more efficient ways to silence the mother. And why are these powerful people helping the mother, how can she afford a lawyer who costs 700 Litas/hour if she is unemployed? Where does she get her income?
The way the father behaved: going to the institutions and trying to start an investigation, fighting, spending so much time and resources to raise awareness, to film, publish, write, meet journalists, is only logical if the girl was really abused and the pedophiles (including the mother) could not be stopped in another way.
Furthermore, Violeta  deploys tricks like linking ‘investigator’, ‘husband’ and ‘organised crime’ in one sentence to create the feeling that the man was somehow related to the criminals and “hardnosed bodybuilding businessmen”, an image which in the East European mind is semantically close to ‘mafioso’ (mafia-like). *Note: Drasius had written over 200 letters and submitted several videos of his daughter explaining the abuse to government officials. In the end, it was all treated with disregard.

6. Violeta Davoliute writes
The couple split up and two years of legal wrangling over the custody of the daughter ensued.  One day Kedys picked the child up from kindergarten and hid her away from her mother and social workers for several months. He then began to accuse the mother of selling their daughter to a group of paedophiles, allegedly including a local politician who had assisted the young mother to secure a lawyer for the custody case, a judge who worked in the same court as his sister, and a third person supposedly named by the child.

What is wrong here?
Here Violeta turns the causality around: the child was not feeling well, this is why her father picked her up and took her home. Why in a country that is rotten with corruption and apathy, a local politician would be so extremely motivated to help a ‘young mother’ to get her child back? She had nothing they could use: no money, no connections. She was a poor girl from a poor family. Why would so many powerful men interfere to help a poor mother to get custody? Who cares about it after all, in a country where the law is still on the side of the stronger and where punitive psychiatry is still used to punish their opponents? Obviously she had something that they very much desired, and it was not money, neither sex (Usas for example was rich and powerful so getting that is usually not a problem).

And where did this poor mother get the money to pay a lawyer who costs 700 Litas/hour, the best paid lawyer in the country? The whole story here and the way it is interpreted does not make sense – obviously the author tries clumsily to win sympathies for the mother- and fails. But the motives do not make sense. The father and his family do not have interest to produce a scandal, they already have custody of the child. On the contrary, the author strengthens our suspicions: those, who have a motive to remove the girl are the mother and her helpers.

Furthermore, my observation is that if you look carefully at the mother, and you have at least a minimum skill to read people, you could see that she is desperately trying to put up a show, to show herself as decent, even as a victim. But she fails. She never projects the vulnerability of a victim: on the contrary, she lies. The way she dresses, the way she talks, even the way she gestures and moves – betray her. She is fake, she is cold, calculative and predatory. She does not care. Her eyes are hard and empty, there is no warmth, no gentleness, no softness, no empathy.

7. Violeta Davoliute writes
Kedys went to the local police. Without any investigation of the accusations, they issued him a note, certifying the allegations as a statement of fact. This document enabled him to secure a court order banning any further contact between the mother and her child. In less than two weeks, the child was officially transferred into the father’s custody.
Kedys also filmed his daughter as she provided a graphic account of sexual abuse. He gave the video to the media and posted it on the internet. With the help of his sister and brother-in-law, he filed several legal complaints, but the authorities did not act upon his allegations.

Again, this does not make sense
First, the child was examined several times, and the medical and psychological examinations confirmed the abuse. The mother and one of the suspects were tested too, and it was certified that they lied every time. But a powerful force interfered and stopped the investigation against the mother. The other witness (Usas) was later murdered.
Second, since the father got custody and the abuse was his invention to obtain it, why did he continue with this story? Why did he waste energy on it after he had already won? He was a hardnosed businessman, Violeta says, but if he was, and there was no crime, he would stop there. Why would he put himself and his family at risk attacking powerful politicians if he had already gotten what he wanted? But there was a crime, his daughter was abused, that’s why he fought.

8. Violeta Davoliute writes
Everything went public when he took the law into his own hands and shot two people: Stankūnaitė’s sister, whom he accused of organizing contacts with the paedophiles, and the judge mentioned above. The killings caused a furore, largely in support of the murderer. Kedys became a national hero and symbol of rebellion against paedophiles and ‘the system.’
He went into hiding. Almost a year later he was found dead with high levels of alcohol in his blood. A post mortem carried out by the Lithuanian police with the assistance of external experts from Sweden came to the same conclusion on the cause of death: Kedys had been drinking heavily and choked on his own vomit. There were no signs of foul play. However, the majority of Lithuanians were convinced that he was killed by ‘the paedophiles.’

That is interesting.
Since the father already had custody, why would this hardnosed businessman risk everything to kill people who were completely innocent?
And how does Violeta know that he was the killer? Was she there? None had been able to find evidence that he did it. The media spread this disinformation to deceive. The evidence pointed in the opposite direction. The witnesses were killed by a professional. Only a professional with special training could do this kind of job, it required sophisticated planning and execution. The father did not have that kind of training, and his fingerprints were not found on the guns. Only a person from the Secret Services of Lithuania could have such training and access to these powerful witnesses.
Violeta is lying when she says that ‘he choked on his own vomit’ and that Swedish experts confirmed this. In fact, the materials were never sent to Sweden, and the ‘Swedish experts’ were never involved in the autopsy.
The pictures clearly show that he was tortured: he had many bruises and broken bones, as he was severely beaten. The only logical and viable explanation is that professionals at the SS eliminated witnesses in the child abuse case and they used Drasius Kedys as a cover. They murdered the witnesses, kidnapped him at the same time, framed (blamed) him for the murders, while they kept him at a secret location, tortured him and at the end forced him to drink alcohol and murdered him too. Drasuis Kedys was a very strong personality, a “hard-nosed businessman” as Violeta writes, who fought for his daughter. Murders, drinking and chocking on his vomit does not fit in that picture.

9. Violeta Davoliute writes
Even after Kedys had left the scene, the death toll continued to mount. The politician whom he had accused of paedophilia was found dead, apparently as the result of a motorcycle accident that occurred when he was intoxicated. Until his last day the politician vehemently denied any wrongdoing and was suing Kedys for slander. Soon after, the 24-year-old stepson of a colleague of Kedys’ sister (the judge) was also found dead. The police investigation concluded that the 24-year-old had apparently been tortured for several days and then shot.

Here, (Aidas) eliminates another witness, and again, the Kedys family is framed for it. Obviously, the author of this operation desperately tries to destroy the Kedys family.

Now, if the father had custody, why would he kill completely innocent people (if he invented the abuse) and disappea? That is illogical. Why would this hardnosed businessman be so stupid? He has no motive whatsoever to insinuate abuse and then kill, and then go into hiding.

Furthermore, if he killed them – which is impossible, as the job was done by a professional and the Drasius was not a professional assassin – how could the killings continue after he disappeared? Violeta tries to implicate his sister in the murders too. But what is her motive?
This is painfully clear to everyone who has lived under totalitarian regime: only the secret service, only the KGB and its local agents can torture, assassinate, produce accidents, use psychotropic drugs – to eliminate people. This is how they operated in the past and continue in the present. Lithuania was a part of the Soviet Union. There is none else in this country with the training, information, and resources needed to plan and execute such an enormous cover up.

Of all people implicated in this scandal now there is only one who had never been identified and who is still alive: Aidas. Who is Aidas? The other two abusers, the sister of Laima, Drasius and Laima herself are neutralized. Of them, only Laima is still alive and in control of her senses – and Aidas.
Now, who is Aidas?
It would be interesting to speculate on this one.
He could be someone with the power and position necessary to organize such a cover up operation to save his own skin. He must be a man so powerful that he has even the President and other politicians under his control. He must be someone, who has the power to destroy anyone who comes in his way. Who in Lithuania has such a power?

9. Violeta Davoliute writes
These deaths caused a great stir in society and spawned a number of wild conspiracy theories about the involvement of the KGB, the Lithuanian secret services, and a powerful global clan of paedophiles.

Yes, of course, it is obvious to everyone with a brain that the Secret Services and the remnants from the KGB are involved, because none else in Eastern Europe has the training and power to execute such a large operation, none else can mount the resources needed for such a grandiose cover up, to mobilize police and special forces. Such a massive campaign for disinformation and deception, such massive media propaganda, professionally executed assassinations, personal attacks on activists who try to protect the girl, kidnapping and drugging of the girl with psychotropic drugs, use of special forces to extract her from her loving home, mass arrests, terror and fear on those, who protest and fight for her life, not to mention the hackers and online deception campaign, the massive lies and abuses of citizen’s rights – all this can only be executed by one force alone: the Secret Services of Lithuania.

There is no other force so well organized, trained and connected that could execute this operation. This is why Lithuanians are scared, and this is why, day after day the well educated, uncorrupted and strong citizens of Lithuania overcome their fear in a sublime act of bravery stand up to the cancer that has eaten their society from the inside and that now reaches out to corrupt the most precious – their children.

10. Violeta Davoliute writes
The child’s filmed testimony has always been, and still is, the only evidence of any peadophile activity. According to one psychological assessment, she showed no more inclination to fantasise than other children her age. This would suggest that she is either telling the truth or was coached to say what she did. But for the majority of Lithuanians, the assessment was taken to confirm the truth of her filmed testimony: end of story.

No, this is the beginning of the story.
And the fact is: the girl was telling the truth, she was abused. And this is certified. Any sensible person would see that such a small girl could impossibly know the details of sexual intercourse, of male anatomy and her own body – if she has not experienced it herself, if she was not raped. Here is her testimony once again: http://youtu.be/m9AfOxLh7QY
This girl exhibits all signs of abuse. But for Violeta’s doublespeak an intelligent person, who wants to know the truth is a ‘maddening mob’, a dehumanized crowd that has to be dealt with by force. It is people like Violeta who use the EU as a cover, an excuse to use force to remove their opponents. These are the methods of a totalitarian society and Lithuania is a prison for those, who want justice and truth and freedom.

11. Violeta Davoliute writes
The authorities have failed to discover the slightest trace of the alleged pedophile network. After a thorough examination of a 3000-page investigation, the courts determined that the mother was innocent of any wrongdoing and that the child had been taken away from her illegally.

Violeta Davoliute lies. The mother was never investigated nor were any of the other accused. If a proper investigation were conducted they would be in jail.

12. Violeta Davoliute writes
Nonetheless, there is significant evidence suggesting that the father and his family have persuaded the child that her mother had handed her over to paedophiles, and would do so again, given the chance. Several months ago, the family took the child to a doctor to get a certificate that would excuse her from attending school. The doctor found no trace of illness, and refused to issue the certificate. According to the doctor’s evidence to the police, the family was infuriated, pointed at her and told the child to ‘remember the face of this woman. She is going to hand you over to men who will…[graphic description of sexual abuse].’

The Reason
The girl was abducted by the mother’s ‘team’ on the way from school, brought into a hospital and drugged with psychotropic drugs for a week. (Only the Secret Service forces – and none else - has the power, the training and the ability to organize and execute such a kidnapping, only they have access to such institutions and drugs). After her aunt managed to take her out of there, the girl had incomplete memory. The kidnappers planned to drug the girl for three months until she became a ‘mental vegetable’. This is why the aunt brought a teacher to educate her at home, she did not want to risk a second kidnapping.

About the girl’s testimony: Violeta lies and here is why: http://youtu.be/m9AfOxLh7QY

13. Violeta Davoliute writes
In all this time, the authorities have failed to discover the slightest trace of the alleged paedophile network. After a thorough examination of a 3000-page investigation, the courts determined that the mother was innocent of any wrongdoing and that the child had been taken away from her illegally. On 14 May 2010, the courts issued an order for the child to be returned to the mother. This order has been upheld on appeal, and the police officers who issued the false certificate to Kedys are now being tried.
However, public opinion has taken a different decision. The circulation of the video, accompanied by ‘expert’ speculation and wild conspiracy theories, reinforced the belief that the occult influence of a paedophile clan had reached the highest levels of the justice system in Lithuania and beyond. Most importantly, the public took the fact that Kedys killed two people as a sign of his moral conviction and the truth of his cause, as opposed to delusion, malice, or a combination of the two.

This part of the text is a typical example of doublespeak.
One of the typical methods of KGB to remove opponents was (is) to declare them mentally ill (delusional and malice), to assassinate their character and remove them in a mental institution. Psychiatry in the Soviet Union was used extensively as a tool to discredit, degrade and eliminate one’s opponents. This is the case in Lithuania today.

Violeta is the one who is delusional and malicious, because she closes her eyes to the facts, produces propaganda fiction to justify the horrors that the Secret Service has done to this girl, and to thousands of others. She is malicious, because through her writing she causes harm to the abused girl and to many more children who are being or will be abused by the pedophile clan in Lithuania. Furthermore, Violeta is malicious because she manipulates the reader to believe that the struggle of one father was due to his psychotic and delusional state of mind. (again, how can a hard-nosed tough and intelligent businessman be “delusional”?)

Only a man (men), a very powerful man (men) in the Secret Services of Lithuania can mount such a vicious attack to a father who had no other motive, but to protect his child. And Violeta is his useful fool.

Furthermore “the fact that he killed two people” is no fact at all. It is a fabrication. Violeta Davoliute has a PhD, but her true talent is propaganda fiction.

If there was no pedophile clan, and all was just fiction, why so many people died? Why did the police mobilise so many resources, so much violence, so many arrests and caused trauma to so many people to remove the girl from a home where she is obviously happy, and to return her to a mother, to whom she does not want to go?

Why not enforce the other 17 000 court orders first?

Obviously someone with great power wants the girl removed as a witness. What other motive could there be?

14. Violeta Davoliute writes

After Kedys was found dead, his sister the judge, Neringa Venckienė, picked up the torch of his battle, blaming ‘the system’ for her brother’s death and every possible evil. When her brother went underground, she assumed custody of her niece and has exploited the child to drive a populist media, and now political, campaign.
The girl is constantly shown on TV wearing a purple shirt like the one worn by her father, standing next to signs that read ‘stop the paedophile,’ and being encouraged to recall, relive and retell the details of her abuse. The public is in thrall to the incessant, titillating representation of the sexual abuse of a child in graphic, lurid detail. Among the many disturbing scenes broadcast repeatedly on national television was the spectacle of the six-year-old girl in front of a cheering crowd and being prompted to say that she does not want to return to her mother.
The girl is constantly shown on TV wearing a purple shirt like the one worn by her father, standing next to signs that read ‘stop the paedophile,’ and being encouraged to recall, relive and retell the details of her abuse. The public is in thrall to the incessant, titillating representation of the sexual abuse of a child in graphic, lurid detail.

This is a lie. Obviously, for those who organized this operation, the girl’s aunt will be the next target. They will search to destroy her – personally, politically, professionally and economically. This is how it starts.

15. Violeta Davoliute writes
The role of certain media outlets in provoking and perpetuating the wildest flights of public fantasy deserves separate mention. The third broadcast television channel TV3, owned by the Modern Times Group of Sweden, cashed in on stellar ratings for their ‘investigative news’ programmes that included a psychic revelation of the precise location where the sexual abuse had allegedly taken place. It would be hard to imagine the Modern Times Group pulling the same stunt in Sweden, but they apparently relax their standards of corporate governance and ethics when operating on the ‘frontiers’ of Europe.

Free media is the problem.
This is an old KGB trick that needs no comment. Only totalitarian minds have problem with independent media. Only KGB minds blame the media for their problems. This is what Putin did when Kursk sank – he blamed his failure on the media.

I live in Sweden. Investigative journalism is part of our every day. Every aspect of life is thoroughly researched, documented, analysed and brought for an open discussion: education, health care, elderly care, finance, business, anything. It is done thoroughly and professionally. If a story of child abuse was brought up here, with the evidence mounting like it does in this case, people will demand the truth, the investigation will be deep, thorough and open, and those involved will go to jail without delay.
And none would blame the media for it.

16. Violeta Davoliute writes

Venckienė’s media campaign resonated powerfully in a country where paedophilia is routinely confused with homosexuality. It intensified popular hostility towards liberal causes like gay rights and expansive definitions of the family that are seen as imposed on Lithuanians by the ‘liberast’ (liberal + pederast) EU bureaucracy. Opportunist politicians have jumped on the bandwagon, and the key dividing line in Lithuanian politics is no longer between left and right, but between ‘Paedophiles’ and ‘Kedophiles.’
The Kedys family founded a political party in honour of their dead relative, called 'Drąsos Kelias', or the Path of Courage, and Venckienė has become one of the most influential media figures in the country. She published a book, toured the country to promote it, and is inciting mob justice. The media is speculating that she intends to run for Parliament, and her chances seem surprisingly strong. She enjoys the support of several radical and ultranationalist politicians, as well as protection from the most prominent politicians in the land.
Indeed, to the bewilderment of those with an elementary understanding of the rule of law and the separation of powers, the President rejected the formal recommendation of the Lithuanian College of Judges to revoke the immunity from prosecution that Venckienė enjoys as a judge. In flat contradiction to the opinion of the court and the vast majority of the legal community, the President said that Venckienė is not obstructing justice, but complying with the court order to transfer custody of the child to the mother.
But while the President at least makes an attempt to appear impartial on the underlying custody issue, Vytautas Landsbergis, Lithuania’s first head of state and now a Member of the European Parliament, has openly supported the Kedys family from the start. He has doubted the mother in published commentaries, insinuating that she sold her child to paedophiles and intends to do so again, and made bewildering misogynist statements implying her involvement in an abusive sexual relationship with the masked police guards assigned to protect her.
Furthermore, in a bizarre rhetorical twist, Landsbergis has likened the mob around the house to those Lithuanians who defended the TV tower in 1991 against Soviet troops, and the girl in the house to the student who was crushed by a tank and thus came to symbolise peaceful resistance to totalitarian rule. The image of the mob as inheriting the legacy of the anti-Soviet popular movement has taken hold of the public, and is reinforced by the participation of a growing number of former dissidents and members of the Catholic clergy (the leader of Drąsos Kelias is a priest).

This is a long section full with lies and propaganda and is directed against the Secret Service’s traditional enemies: politicians, clergy and inteligenzia. These people (politicians, clergy, intelligentia) are all declared to be a mob, mentally delusional and malicious, because they dare oppose the powerful men who want the girl removed.

If the Kedys family was as powerful as Violeta described at the beginning, the aunt hardly needed the death of her brother to start a political career, nor – if there was no abuse – to risk her own life and the life of her family fighting a battle she knows she cannot win.

On the contrary, the fact that she dares to take on the fight against an overwhelming force that is planning to eliminate her, only shows her strength of character and moral superiority. She has a mission – she fights to protect the daughter of her murdered brother. But this paragraph indicates that Neringa V. will be the next target, that she is already targeted for destruction.

This section furthermore is intended to demean and scare those, who try to oppose the Secret Services and their powerful friends. Because “they” know that “their” power can be broken with a well organized political movement that can revive Lithuania and size control of the country’s institutions.  And this is their nightmare.

17. Violeta Davoliute writes
In the light of the President’s clear signal and the strong support of prominent politicians like Landsbergis, it is not surprising that virtually all government institutions, with the exception of the Ministry of Justice and the Children’s Ombudsman, have plunged their heads into the sand, and are busy passing the buck.
EU membership appears to have had done little to consolidate democracy and the rule of law in this formerly communist country, and it is hard to grasp how Lithuania will assume the EU Presidency next year.
For example, the Minister of Social Security declared that his institution is ‘not ready’ to implement the court order. Despite the court’s clear injunction to transfer the child immediately to the mother’s care, he said they prefer to await the opinion of the consultants from the Danish Federation of Social Educators, recruited by the supporters of the Kedys family. The Minister’s procrastination is quite easily explained. He is member of the conservative party, a resident of the rebellious neighbourhood of Garliava, and will soon be running for Parliament in this bastion of conservative sentiment.

That is a lie. The Danes offered help, but were rejected.

18. Violeta Davoliute writes

In this context, Lithuanian commentators expect the court order will not be implemented, even if the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg supports the mother’s complaint. The situation has become hopelessly politicised, and all major political forces have an interest in prolonging the obstruction of justice, at least until the elections.
EU membership appears to have had done little to consolidate democracy and the rule of law in this formerly communist country, and it is hard to grasp how Lithuania will assume the EU Presidency next year. Arbitrary mob rule, executive interference with the judicial process, the corruption of government institutions and political parties all make for an extremely worrying spectacle.
And even if the President suddenly found the courage to stand up to the mob and defend the integrity of the state and the rights of citizens, it would be too late. This travesty of justice may already have had an enormous effect on the country, but for the child it is both terrible and irreversible.

More lies, more propaganda, more threats
What can I say? It is becoming a bit repetitive here. This whole section (and article) is a bad mix of lies, threats and deception. There is little “rule of law” in Lithuania, everyone knows that it is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and ‘law’ is there to serve the stronger, it is an instrument to get rid of one’s opponents. If there was a rule of law, why of the 17 000 unimplemented court orders the police threw all its force to remove a little happy girl by force and terror from her loving home, where she wanted to stay ‘forever’? To give her back to a mother that has nothing to offer her, a mother that is abusing her constantly, even as she carried her screaming out of her home and into that van?

There is no “arbitrary mob rule”, but compassion. The people who guarded the girl are intelligent, compassionate and brave. They know that the author and the rest of the corrupt gang of the Secret Services who hold the country hostage - are lying. They also know that their lives can be destroyed. But also, that the fight must go on, because this time it is about the most precious they have – their children.

Violeta Davoliute, you are a liar. You and your bosses who ordered you to write this article are delusional and malicious. You fabricate “evidence”, manipulate, threaten and deceive. All overwhelming evidence is against you, and against the people who pay you. The little you have to say is a perverse caricature, it is a doublespeak. You and your bosses are afraid of free independent people, free independent media.

You think you can destroy the lives of children, their families and hold whole country a hostage. You think you can make us believe you and not our own eyes, our own ears and our own experience? Wake up! Your time has come. The time for threatening, destroying, manipulating, sending your opponents to a mental hospital is finished! You and your friends at the Secret Service have to go NOW. Lithuania must be free.

 Author: Anonymous

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