Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More updates via Dr. Vilija Ball

We decided to publish this comment as a separate post:

After they removed all the people from the house, only Deimante’s aunt Neringa remained with Deimante sitting in her lap. They brought a psychologist and a child service person who did not have any problems exerting psychological pressure toward Deimante. At first they tried to manipulate her and promise things, but when Deimante kept saying she did not want to go with them, they said she did not have any choice. Deimante kept refusing and asked them to leave (At one point Deimante even said that she didn’t want to live and asked them to leave her alone, but they continued to pressure her). They tried to touch her, but her aunt Neringa was yelling at them that it was against the law to us force against the girl. Finally, they brought the girls’ mother in the house with her attorney (who helped to carry the girl out), policemen locked Neringa’s hand behind her back (however, now they are accusing her of hitting a policeman and suing her for that…) and allowed Deimante’s mother to pull her from Neringa. Deimante was holding Neringa with all her strength, but she was pulled away from her and carried out screaming. During the time when the girl was carried to a van, someone administered some medication to her, since a video in the van showed the girl motionless and saying that she was seeing eight arms… It's also possible that she had a psychotic break due to the stress and trauma that she experienced…
The bailiff announced in the press conference that no violence/ force was used against the girl during the operation. They took the girl and her mother to some secret location, and now they are spreading lies through the media saying how happy Deimante is with her mother after she escaped such a “terrible environment” with her aunt and grandparents. However, some information was leaked by one doctor that Deimante was brought to an emergency room on Friday, but he did not know why, since all the personnel had to leave the hospital when she was brought with her mother and masked guards… So, I'm very concerned about that… There is also a big concern that Deimante is being administered huge amounts of psychotropic medication to keep her calm and quiet... It is possible that now they’ll be intimidating her and forcing to testify that she never experienced pedophilia, but the people are being intimidated by the governmental officials and police...


L. Stankunaite, the girl's biological mother, is one happy mother and talks non stop just after the girl is removed from the house and driving in a van to a concealed place… The girl looks sedated and the only thing she says is, “It looks like there are 8 hands…” And the mother keeps talking as if the girl made a comment about the time or weather by responding, “This is because it’s dark and raining...”

Police & spec. forces breaking into the house:

Videos from inside the house and how the police blocked the roads for the cars and even pedestrians around Deimante's house to prevent people from coming to protest the force against Deimante:

Many people went to the streets after Deimante's transfer to her mother to protest injustice and violence that was administered toward Deimante and her family, to protest corruption, and violations of human rights & freedoms:

CBS News briefly shows a protest in Lemont where Lithuanian president came to meet with some Lithuanians during the NATO summit:

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