Sunday, May 27, 2012

Support FOR Pedophiles?!

See this long-haired guy? He's demonstrating in support of Deimante's mother. You wonder who he is? He's a pedophile himself having raped a 13 year old girl and sent her threatening letters from prison. His name is Darius Vinciunas, and he is a pedophile. He demonstrates in defence of pedophiles.

In our countries to support a crime is seen as a crime in itself and these 'protesters' will be arrested and prosecuted. Not in Lithuania. There, the government wants to prosecute people protesting the use of state violence against an 8 year old girl. 

The Lithuanian government sees the people fighting for justice and freedom as enemies of the state and criminals, while the real criminals are free to brutalise the innocent. 
Does that remind you of a certain totalitarian regime that enslaved half of Europe in the past?

What kind of government is that? We ask.

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