Sunday, May 27, 2012

Systematic Removal of Witnesses: A List

This is a translation of a commentary, whose author stated that it is constantly being removed from the Lithuanian Internet sites (Caution: We do not know the author and have thus been unable to verify this.)

“Someone raised a question: why the Oncologist previously did not complained to police, as she saw Andrius Ūsas undressing his genitals in the examining room in front of a little girl Orinta, who’s not related to him.

The answer is: because ALL witnesses who have already testified in this case, are going DOWN one by one!

Let us remember:

1. A neighbor, who saw as pedophile judge Furmanavičius was shot by short, Asian looking man with dark features - died of a sudden heart attack. 

2. Sticker printing company owner who confirmed that another person, not Drąsius Kedys, ordered and received car stickers that were on the murder suspect’s car - this man disappeared. 

3. A fisherman (even though he was an illegal profiteer) came to police at 6 a.m. and stated that he saw as three men threw Kedys’ body out of the car – this person is now in the insane asylum, his testimony was changed into “I did not see anything”, although his family states, that he is psychologically normal. 

4. Coincidentally the very same day another fisherman had found a body of dead Kedys and gave his testimony to police at 9 am. A man, who testified that Andrius Ūsas was speeding on four-wheeler motorcycle through the village and almost hit his carriage, out of the sudden got sick with depression and hung himself. 

5. School psychologist, who stated that little girl Orinta Narusevičiūtė complained to her about the violence, refused to give any further statements and will talk only with lawyers.

6. The list goes on and on… Minister of Justice Šimašius, who was the last person seeing Andrius Ūsas alive, only after 3 days as Ūsas’ death was announced, mentioned that the accident place is near Furmanavičius (another pedophile) mother’s house and Andrius Ūsas had his office within a premises of children orphanage, where Labor Party meetings were held (Principal of orphanage confirmed this statement), that Andrius Ūsas, without having college degree, worked as an advisor on child protection issues.

7. Parking lot watcher/keeper, who identified the third pedophile – Aidas - by the computer composite image, he also stated what vehicle Aidas was driving and more details – now this witness is also not amongst living. Recent fact- an abandoned Soviet military bunker near Kaunas, where it was suspected that Kedys was held and tortured, without anyone knowing was demolished and leveled to the ground.”

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