Sunday, May 20, 2012

Conversation Between Psychologist & Deimante

Psychologist: When you said that they pushed it, how did you feel?

Girl: Well, I coughed.

Psychologist: OK. And why did you cough?

Girl: Because they pushed it.

Psychologist: And when they pushed it, were you dressed or undressed?

Girl: Dressed and undressed.

Psychologist: Did it hurt?

Girl: It hurt.

Psychologist: Can you show me where it hurt?

Girl: Here (shows her mouth).

Psychologist: When did you last see you mother?

Girl: I haven’t seen my mother.

Psychologist: You haven’t. Have you been at her place?

Girl: She’s lying.

Psychologist: What is she lying about?

Girl: She’s lying when she says that Andrius didn’t lick me. He did lick me.

Psychologist: Licked you? Can you tell me where he licked you?

Girl: Where my mother lives.

Psychologist: And in which room did he do it?

Girl: Where there are two.

Psychologist: There are two?

Girl: And also in the toilet.

Psychologist: In the toilet?

Girl: And in the bathroom.

Psychologist: Do you remember how the pee pee looked like? Could you draw it? Can you tell me how many times he pushed it in?

Girl: Many times. As long as I stayed there.

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