Sunday, November 4, 2012

We will never give up! Drasius' grave on 1. Nov

Vilnius is known as the "paedophiles' capital", and Lithuania as the "paedophile paradise". Everything started with Adamkus (probably before, but it intensified with him): we will sooner or later know why. As we will know why he insisted the abused girl to me returned to the pimp/paedophile mother, and why he called the people fighting for justice "mob", and that the pedophile clan does not exist. Why is he so active in the cover up?

"They" murdered a lot of witnesses and people fighting for justice. We will never give up!

We know the following:
  • Lithuania is in a deep social, political and moral crisis;
  • the situation was very accurately put to words by Stanislovas Stulpinas, here:
  • The justice system is used to destroy anyone, who tries to fight back, not to punish the criminals;
  • both government and the Security Service (and down on the pyramid of power) people are actively or passively involved in the abuse of children and/or the cover up. 
  • pedophiles have one obsession: power. This is why they are often found in powerful positions, from where they can get access to vulnerable children (typically from single-parent families, orphanages etc. where children are exposed and unprotected) again to feel powerful. 
  • Drasius Kedys, Deimante Kedyte and Neringa Venckiene are telling the truth.
  • Drasius Kedys was murdered;
  • The only way forward is a complete change of government and the people in the administration

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