Friday, November 2, 2012

News & Updates

This blog has not stopped, it was on hold. In the mean time the usual mobbing and terror against Neringa and her friends and family was on full speed. As expected, the innocent are sued and the real criminals are in power.

A summary of events:
  • Neringa's party is in Parliament with 7 seats;
  • No sign of Deimante, but "mother" pimp says she "goes to school", yeah, right, bitch;
  • The court hearings in the process against Neringa continue;
  • Her mother (Deimante's grandmother) is sued for insulting a judge, who said that Drasius Kedys death was natural (have you seen the photos on this blog: does this look like a natural death to you?). So yes, he was murdered, yes the judge lied, and yes, the mother of the victim is sued now.  
  • "Mother" Laima S. is still a "witness"
  • several human rights activists have been murdered... oh sorry - they committed suicide, suddenly and unexpectedly in the middle of the election campaign... 
  • Stanislavas Stulpinas (he wrote this: is murdered too.. uups... has suffered a sudden and unexpected natural death (of course)
  • Dalia Grybauskaite is trying hard to prevent the falling of the conservatives government and the rise to power of the opposition. But she is not the one deciding (fortunately)
Is anyone of you surprised? 

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