Monday, July 9, 2012

Next Steps: Take political power!

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The destruction of witnesses and people who fight for justice goes on according to a plan developed by the CIA trained Secret Service of Lithuania on government (and their sponsors) orders. The forces of this cover up are the usual: the police, Secret Service, and media, and the whole government administration. Proof that the CIA (and for some reason a pedophile clan, probably because these people, being corrupt, are easy to control) has long ago taken over Lithuania is that this cover up is done according to the CIA blueprint that was used in other massive CIA-type cover ups (the Kennedy assassination, the WTC scam).

The essence of it is this:

Few people at the top of the state of Lithuania (the political top: president Dalia Grybauskaite, government, police chiefs, Secret Service men) have conspired to commit crimes one of which is the abuse of children. The president and government orders the Secret Service to develop a plan to destroy any witnesses and evidence. The rest of the Lithuanian public administration and the Secret Service controlled media executes the cover up.

Lithuania was subverted years ago by the CIA agent V. Adamkus. His CIA past, as well as him previously being a Nazi-agent, is documented and a matter of fact (see another article published on this blog). That he was and is a CIA operative is established beyond reasonable doubt. His actions speak for themselves: for example he permitted the building of a secret CIA prison for interrogation and torture of 'terrorists' and covered up (I dont know of such a prison, he said) the crime. In action and speech he reduces the people who have risen to demand justice to a "mob", meaning they are degenerates and trash that have to be removed so that Lithuania can be free and just. We have heard and seen this rhetoric and exact same language deployed by Secret Service operatives like V. Davoliute and Diapkus in the dominating media.  Adamkus has set the tone of contempt for the honest and decent people of Lithuania that echoes through all controlled media in Lithuania and abroad.

He was the one who put the deeply corrupt system in place in Lithuania, in which the criminals control the full apparatus of that state, and use the judiciary to put themselves beyond punishment. Every and any public attempt to take away the power from them is defined as 'mob rule' and therefore 'illegal'. We have to understand that these people are fighting a battle of life and death, they are fighting for their own political survival. Therefore we must be prepared that they will use every tool in their power to kill and destroy their opponents. The Secret Service of Lithuania (just like the CIA in the assassination of JFK) is only a tool for those who hold the power in Lithuania today.

Control of the media has reached such massive proportions that any attempt to tell the truth is brutally suppressed and the only promoted version is this of those in power.

Neringa Venckiene and Deimante Kedyte and the thousands of abused people and children cannot be saved by words. Those in power in Lithuania do not care what we know or what we say, all they care about is what we do. They fear our actions, especially our political actions. They fear that we will take the power away from them.

We think we have published a critical mass of evidence (or pointed at evidence and witnesses) in this blog to prove beyond doubt that Deimante Kedyte was abused by powerful pedophiles, that she, her murdered father and her aunt Neringa Venckiene were telling and are telling the the truth - the only truth.

The facts indicate that the state of Lithuania is so corrupt that it has lost any sense of self-preservation. The state wages a war on its own population, on the decent innocent citizens and (even unborn) children.

We challenge each of you to take action. Be courageous! Offer your loyalty and services to Neringa Venckiene as she is the strongest political force and main hope to save Lithuania and give the country back to its people. She is the only one who can save Deimante.

Help us to keep this blog updated. We ask you to send us material and updates as a comment and we will publish it.


  1. About: Deimante Kedyte By: Anonymous. 2012.

    She was 3, when they sold her for pleasure of men,

    Who had influence, money and power.

    She endured abuse for two years, and then

    To break silence, she felt, came the hour.

    So the girl told the truth to grandparents and Dad -

    Drasius Kedys, and to her auntie Neringa.

    But the worst thing of all that the child had said:

    It was MUM, who was actually SELLING her.

    An appeal to authorities surely was made,

    With the claim given investigation.

    But what happened subsequently, showed the sex trade

    Was unbeatable, this shook the nation.

    Once discovering who the perpetrators were,

    The authorities acted like puppets:

    They delayed the procedure, people’s wrath not to stir,

    Sweeping evidence under the carpets.

    There were five psychological examinations,

    They revealed: what the child said, was right!

    Mother also went through interrogation,

    Lie detector confirmed that she lied.

    For some reason mum’s case never saw jurisdiction,

    All the evidence stayed in a file.

    Just her boyfriend named Usas received his conviction, -

    One of three men, the paedophle.

    Then he died – in a puddle, grown man, he drowned!

    What a pity! He must have slipped…

    Altogether nine people have since been found

    Having died… But the mum who pimped,

    Who betrayed her own child in exchange for money

    (the bank statements have shown large income),

    Is enjoying the weather, and to her – it is sunny,

    Behind bars she has never come.

    Even more: cover-up, the campaign full of lying

    Is presenting the mum as a victim.

    But the dad is accused of some murders, despite

    No evidence found to convict him.

    (to be continued)

  2. (continuation)

    Father knew: there were more little children abused,

    He was trying to get attention.

    They kidnapped him. By torturing him, they amused

    Their senses, in bunker detention.

    Lie was spread as if he took in his own hands

    Justice; two further killings now happened.

    Yet the witnesses said: it was short Asian man,
    And not Drasius, who used the weapons.

    They tortured her Daddy, held him under the ground

    For nearly half a year.

    He prayed and he pleaded, he hoped to be found,

    But nobody seemed to hear.

    They finally killed him; body thrown in a lake

    By three men – a fisherman saw it.

    By reporting this crime, he made fatal mistake,

    For they killed the fisherman for it.

    Father’s body was found, conclusion: “He choked

    On his vomit”; …and then he drowned?

    Disregarding his fractures and wounds, they joked.

    And the Dad could not say a sound…

    Little girl lost her father, but still had an aunt,

    Who protected, and cured, and loved her.

    Not for long though, an order is made that she can’t

    Stay with aunt, she must leave her soon after.

    Same court system, that recently caused delays

    And prevented the prosecution,

    Has now ruled: with the MOTHER the girl should stay, -

    With immediate execution.

    She was dangerous, clearly remembering who

    Were the people, abusing infants.

    To be living in freedom, too much she knew,

    To the paedophile ring causing hindrance.

    Legal battle, petitions, protests round the world,

    The evidence was compelling!

    The 24/7 vigil they’d hold

    By gathering near her dwelling.

    And the day really came, 17th of May,

    Early morning, police arrived…

    breaking doors, beating, dragging the people away,

    Pretending that wrong was right.

    She was frightened, she said she did not want to live.

    She pleaded for help and protection.

    It was ordered: the aunt now had to give

    Her to those, who showed no compassion.

    (to be continued)

  3. (continuation, Part 3)

    The girl held to the neck of her aunt on that day

    With all the strength in her arms,

    But they poisoned, and pulled her, and carried away,

    And she screamed on top of her lungs!

    Round the globe, it echoed millions of times,

    Even now, on You-tube, you can hear!

    The last witness of terrible paedophile crimes, -

    And to them she’s again so near…

    She’s been held as a hostage, drugs destroying her brain

    To ensure she won’t give evidence.

    They’re determined to make little person insane…

    No-one cares, not even the Presidents!

    No powerful people around the world

    Have been willing so far to step in.

    Cover-up in the news, so cleverly told,

    Does not let anyone intervene.

    When the truth is so skillfully mixed with the lie

    To make sure the world will believe,

    They prepare the way, hoping scandal will die,

    Giving criminals space to live,

    To continue abusing little children, and kill

    Everyone who would dare interfere.

    They will work day and night, making sure they fill

    Our world with their power through fear.

    Many letters are written, many words have been told,

    People gather again, far and near.

    Even news have become so familiarly old,

    But yet: nobody seems to hear.

    Books and articles, photos and videos too

    Bring reaction: “They did it?! How dare!..

    But this isn’t my business; really, what can I do?”

    Sadly, nobody seems to care…

    When the hope is deferred… No help. No reply…

    Then you come to the point of despair!

    Writing TRUTH to break the ice of the lie,

    Asking: nobody, really nobody, tell me, NOBODY, I mean: nobody!

    Why does NOBODY seem to care?..

    Thank God you are back, dear THRUTH blog! You were gone for nearly two weeks; we wondered if you were being shut?.. Do not disappear, your work is very much needed.

    The answer to this problem is SPIRITUAL. the secret powers that stand behind the authorities (who really are being controlled as puppets) is currently in the hands of people, whom we call the INVISIBLE EVIL. In the Good Old Bible it is clearly written many times, that Satan can give TEMPORARY POWER to those who worship him, and for a while they prevail, but there is power GREATER THAN THAT, although many people voluntarily reject GOD and there fore tstay powerless and exposed to the deeds of evil. the Bible says: SUBMIT TO GOD, and resist the DEVIL, and he will FLEE. Neringa needs to dive into the Bible in search for her answers, get fully equipped with the Word of God, not religion but true relationships with the REAL True God, Who is willing and able to help her. Read Esther: when for THREE DAYS she prayed and fasted, and ALL THE PEOPLE prayed and fasted with her, God revealed His power and saved her and those who were in danger, thousands of people. God has spoken to me and said: if Deimante were to be freed now, would you continue praying for ALL THE OTHER CHILDREN, who are and have been for a long time being used by the paedophile clan? God can hear the cries of the ORPHANS who were in the ORPHANAGE next to A. Usas' office. And who knows how many other children from disatvantaged backgrounds are being used by the perpetrators, who can get easy access to them in countries like Lithuania? Dear People Around the World: if you REALLY want to help Neringa, get on your knees before God, ask His forgiveness for your own sisn and accept Jesus Christ as the ULTIMATE sacrifice for YOUR OWN sins; let your life be cleansed by His blood, let you be EMPOWERED with HIS TRUTH and then you will be able to fight the evil.

  4. Please clarify what is happening to the Bank Account of Neringa: they say on the news that her account has been arrested: appalling, now however much we donate will not even be possible to check, even if people give more than reqiested - they will rob her again of it and then say it was not enough! Can people help Neringa in some other way (if the bank acoount details are no longer in use)?