Friday, July 27, 2012

Fake Video of Deimante and "Mother from Hell"

Another predictable PR stunt from the mother's team: a fake video with Deimante and a fake letter from the 'mother'. For those of you who understand Lithuanian here the detailed analysis of it:

The summary: professionals linguistics, in film and media prove that

First, the letter the 'mother from hell' wrote about "protection of privacy" and similar bullshit, was far too sophisticated for a woman with zero education trained as a hairdresser. It is full with complex expressions that she could impossibly understand, much less master.

Second, the promotional video is fake and a failed attempt to advertise a happy mother and her girl. There is no soundtrack, the voice of Deimante cannot be heard and verified, there is only background music. Nothing that the girl does verifies that this is the real Deimante. Her face is never fully shown, but from physical indications painters and other visual artists have confirmed that this is not the girl.

And we ask: who is capable of orchestrating this massive cover up, who cares enough for a poor hairdresser to write her sophisticated letters? Why is Laima Stankunaite so important and to whom? Who considers no expense too much to secure Laima and her daughter complete isolation and protection from the public. 

We ask ourselves: if this is a fake girl, where is the real Deimante? What have 'they' done to her? Drugged and abused in total isolation from anyone who cares for her? While the mother demands more and more from the Lithuanian tax-payers?

We fear for Deimante's mental and physical state and we suspect that horrible things are done to her. We suspect that she is in such a bad state that she will never be shown to the public again, never to her closest family and to the people who love her.

In the mean time the 'mother from hell' increased her demands from the Lithuanian state from 33000 Euro to 130 000 Euro at the ECHR. Instead of being in jail, she plans to live for the rest of her life on the income from her daughter, just like she has done ever since Deimante was born.

Only Neringa Venckiene can save the girl.

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