Monday, May 28, 2012

Deaths/Victims in this Case

The deaths/victims in the pedophilia case:

Furmanavicius (one of the paedophiles reported by Deimante)

V. Naruseviciene (L. Stankunaite’s sister who according to Deimante was also selling her daughter to paedophiles) and her daughter Orinta (has disappeared since more than 6 months).

D. Kedys (Deimante’s father)

A. Usas (one of the paedophiles reported by Deimante)

Furmanavicius’ neighbour who reported seeing that Furmanavicius was shot by a short dark man with Asian complexion.  This Furmanavicius’ neighbour died of heart attack.

The owner of the car stickers printing company, who confirmed that it was not Drasius Kedys who ordered and paid for the stickers that were on the van which has been seen when the murdering of Naruseviciene  and Furmanavicius took place.

The fisherman, who went to the police station at 6 am to report that he had seen  3 men dumping Drasius Kedys body by the river bank. This witness is now in mental institution.

The farmer who saw A. Usas in the village just before his death. This farmer had got depression and killed himself.

Security officer who worked in a car park and recognized Aidas (the 3rd alleged paedophile that Deimante was talking about) by his photo-fit. He also had seen  Aidas car and knew other important details, but this witness is no longer alive.

Moreover, the bunker where Drasius Kedys was allegedly secretly kept ant tortured was recently destroyed. The counsellor who worked at the school and said previously that Naruseviciute (Deimante’s cousin) complained about the sexual abuse, has suddenly announced that she would speak only with prosecutors about this. 

Naruseviciene’s neighbours who reported seeing how Drasius Kedys was arrested and kidnapped by several men who made a phone call to him asking him to come before, were told to stop talking if they don’t want to get into trouble. The Justice Minister  admitted meeting with Usas just hours before his death in a remote village. BOTH ABUSED GIRLS ARE NOW HIDDEN. THE MAIN WITNESS AND SUSPECT L. STANKUNAITE IS HIDDEN AS WELL. 

My source has requested to remain anonymous.

There must be more abused children: in the orphanage, where Usas had his office and in dysfunctional families around the country. There must be more witnesses who could talk if they feel protected.

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